NECROSONIC FESTIVAL Resurrects a Killer Line Up!

From the darkest depths in the pits of the underworld, a heavy metal beast has awoken.. NECROSONIC FESTIVAL is coming to you with brute force, gathering 30 of the heaviest bands for a 12 hour plus ritual of metal across 3 stages in an event that will melt faces.

Conjured by one of the dark architects behind the legendary Overcranked, Inferno and Dead of Winter Festivals, Necrosonic heralds a day filled with unrelenting brutality and the heaviest, most sinister sounds that the underworld has to offer, some even returning from the dead for the ritual.

Crypt (Back from the Dead – playing a one-off, last ever, career spanning set)

Psycroptic (Tas)

Lo! (Syd)

Astrodeath (Syd)


Potion (Syd)

Freedom of Fear (Adel)

Mountain Wizard Death Cult (Syd)

Spire (First show in 6 years)

Mortality (Syd – Back from the Dead!) feat. members of Cryogenic, MM9 and Daysend.


Bulletbelt (NZ)

Resin Tomb

Remains (Mel) feat. members of Blood Duster and Captain Cleanoff

Nicolas Cage Fighter (Vic)

Post-Life Disorder (Back from the Dead)

Isua (Mel)

Lumen Ad Mortem (Adel)

Zeolite (Mel)

Kyzer Soze (Back from the Dead)

Algor Mortis (Mel)

The Black Swamp

Bloody Tyrant (Taiwan)

Awful Noise





Snake Mountain


Necrosonic is more than just a festival; it’s a gathering of the damned, a summoning of the heavy metal community for an unforgettable day of headbanging, mosh pits, and ear-splitting riffs in the vein of legendary Australian festivals such as Metal For the Brain, The New Dead and Overcranked.