Machine Head, Fear Factory and We The Hollow – Brisbane [Live Review]

Review: Nev Pearce
Photography: Dan Maynard

To say that 2024 has kicked off in a big way would be an understatement, It’s only March and my calendar has been filled with gig after gig since the beginning but one in particular that was circled in a big red pen was Machine Head and Fear Factory, a show that I have been counting down the days until since it was announced and very fucking excited that the day has finally arrived.

Tonight’s show is being held at Eatons Hill Hotel, while it’s a good hour and change drive for those of us on the southern end of the state, it’s well worth the journey for a show of this calibre as we know we are going to see the bands in one of the best venues QLD had to offer.


Opening the show is Southeast masked Nu metal band We the Hollow, a band I have shared the stage with often around the traps and always put on a good show.
It’s great to see these lads go from the local venues to the big stage and hold their own against the internationals.
Their catchy heavy grooves capture the attention of those who have rocked up early to check out their set and leave a lasting impression, keep an eye on these guys.

Now Fear Factory is a band that means a lot to me, if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be doing any of this and for that, they will always hold a special place in my brutal metal heart.
I have been along for the ride through all their changes over the years but have been especially keen to see the new version of the group that founding member Dino Cazares has assembled.

Opening with the classics Shock and Edgecrusher, Fear Factory hit the stage with pure force and energy, instantly reminding the fans that they are a live band not to be fucked with.

New vocalist Milo Silvestro is the perfect man for the job, He has taken the role of FF frontman and brought a fresh new spark to the band as well as the vocal chops and professionalism to bring the songs to life.
He was born for this and hearing him sing everything from the new tracks like Dielectric, Disruptor and Fuel Injected Suicide Machine to fan favourites Linchpin, Archetype and Demanufacture is incredibly impressive as he does so with power and conviction.

Dino Cazares’s riffs have been incredibly influential to so many bands over the years, his crushing tone and precision are legendary and hearing them blast through the PA alongside Static-X bass player Tony Campo’s chest-thumping low end and drummer Pete Webber’s double kicks is undeniably one of the heaviest and tightest things you will witness live.

Wrapping up their set with my personal favourite Zero Signal, Replica and the massive triumphant anthem Resurrection, Dino and Fear Factory have proven once again that even with member changes, the heart and soul of the machine remain the same, I can’t wait to see them again and what they do next.

As the lights go out and the familiar sounds of the Imperium intro echo through the venue, Machine Head enter the stage to the deafening roar of their rabid fan base.

Continuing their set with Ten Ton Hammer and Choke on The Ashes of Your Martyr, this is where I take a step back as I quickly realise I am no longer the young man I used to be to handle the sheer chaos of MH mosh pit.

Machine Head is notoriously one of the hardest bands live, they know how to write absolute pit smashers to incite a physical reaction from the fans and as the set rolls on with Aesthetics of Hate, Old and Locust it’s evident that the train has indeed left the station and has no plans on slowing the fuck down. which is exactly what the punters have paid good money to experience and exactly what they are getting.

Robb Flynn is in top form both vocally and as a performer, I’ve seen him many times throughout the years and never seen him turn in a half-arsed performance.
His voice is still powerful and commanding, roaring through tracks like Slaughter the Martyr and then easily slipping into the melodics of No Gods No Masters and the chorus of From This Day, which is a massive sing-along moment.

With the recent departure of Decapitated’s Wacław “Vogg” Kiełtyka, guitar duties have been passed onto Reece Scruggs from Havok who is perfect for the band, despite his duties with his other and I hope he sticks around, he’s a great addition to Machine Head and it’s cool to see him fit in right alongside bass player Jared MacEachern and drummer Matt Alston.

The last time I saw Machine Head live the set was a massive 21-song marathon back in 2015, tonight’s, on the other hand, is a condensed 13-track journey through some of the best material MH has to offer and there is more than enough here to keep the fans happy especially with each song having its own visual counterpart being played on a giant screen behind them.

Davidian is the standout, that song is so damn iconic and hard to believe that in August it will be the 30th anniversary of the track as well as the record it’s taken from, Burn My Eyes.
No matter how many times I’ve seen it live, it has the same mental reaction and still gets me fired up hearing a packed venue or arena yell out ‘Let freedom ring with a shotgun blast’, that shit NEVER gets old!

Ending with the massive groove of Halo, Machine Head came, conquered and destroyed Brisbane once again, leaving the fans stumbling off into the night after an evening of extreme mosh pit combat commanded by General Robb Flynn and his men.

Until next time, we salute you!

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