Metal United Down Under 2024: Unveiling Shows and Lineups for 10th Anniversary Celebration.

Metal United Down Under (MUDU) proudly announces its upcoming milestone event, marking a decade of relentless metal mayhem across Australia. This year, the celebration promises to be nothing short of epic, with 21 cities hosting 118 bands, showcasing the vibrant metal scene Down Under. From Adelaide to Sydney, Brisbane to Sunbury, metalheads can rejoice as MUDU brings together the best of the genre for an unforgettable night of headbanging and camaraderie.

A Decade of Metal Madness.
Founder Michael Lueders expresses his excitement for this monumental occasion, stating, “It has been a dream of mine to see 20 shows happening simultaneously, celebrating the unparalleled power of metal music. This year, we’re making it happen!”
For the first time in MUDU’s history, three shows will grace the greater Sydney area, alongside two in the bustling Brisbane region, emphasizing the unity and collaboration within the metal community.

Album Launches, Tours, and Homecomings.
The lineup for MUDU 2024 is nothing short of spectacular, with bands seizing the opportunity to launch albums, EPs, and singles. From Elephant Orgy to Bloodhunt and Suffer The Evenue, the event serves as a platform for musicians to showcase their latest creations.
Additionally, renowned acts like Age of EmergenceMiruthanVan Diemen, and Darker Half will grace the stage, with some using the event as a pivotal stop on their tours. Notable mentions include Beast Machine’s welcome home show after their triumphant USA tour and the eagerly anticipated comebacks of The Loom of Time and Darkyra after extended hiatuses.

Official Merchandise Partner and Sponsor.
MUDU is thrilled to announce Squid Ink Screenprinting as the official merchandise partner and sponsor for MUDU 2024. With a track record of delivering quality merchandise and exceptional service, Squid Ink Screenprinting is the perfect fit for this momentous occasion.

Presale for Limited Edition T-shirts.
Presale for the limited edition MUDU T-shirts is now open, offering fans the chance to grab exclusive merchandise commemorating this historic event. Act fast, as presale ends on April 7th!

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Unveiling the Shows.
Metalheads across Australia can look forward to a diverse lineup of shows, each promising an electrifying night of metal madness. From the heavy riffs of Witchgrinder in Adelaide to the melodic mayhem of Miruthan in Sydney, there’s something for every metal aficionado.

Adelaide – The London Tavern
with Witchgrinder, Deadspace, Firestorm, Exhuminator, Terrorential, Sons Of Erebus, Ecdysis, Tongue Biter, Ekosa, Ascend From Darkness, Wander South, & Sons Of Innocence

Ballarat – Volta
with Druid, Sufferance, Outer Worlds, New Million & Shadow Of NYX

Bendigo – Golden Vine Hotel
with Spacegoat, Ana, Van Diemen, Distorta, Diminished Reason, Order of Torment, Bentham’s Head & Suspended Animation

Brisbane – Mansfield Tavern
with Pistonfist, Sin Soto, Ancient Remains, Vessel Born, Stone Rising, Göatzilla, Sound Affliction & Thoraway

Bundaberg – Old Bundy Tavern
with Zagtar, Awaken the Hate, Stroidz & InEffigy

Camden – Camden Sports Club
with Virescent, Antonamasia, Witch Diana, Sanction, Defiant Dawn & Van Leucia

Canberra – Pot Belly Bar
with Reaver, Acrolysis, Pipoltr

Darwin – Happy Yess
with HOAX, Pit Thing, Butzel, Ask the Axis & Akrasia

Hobart – Altar
with Torrential Thrill, Roadkill, Rogue Sharks & JAX and the Wayward

Launceston – The Gunners Arms Tavern
with Atra Vetosus, Lacertia, Pulverised Carnial Matter & Omniepresence

Maryborough – Maryborough Service Club
with Snake Mountain, Shattered Hourglass, EvilEye, Abysmal Fortress, Warrior Within, Exotic Potion Cookies, God Hunter, Psychosphere & Ruination

Melbourne – The Old Bar
with Darker Half, Nothing Sacred, Envenomed, Dirty Pagans & Firing Squad

Newcastle – Hamilton Station Hotel
with Our Last Enemy, Evocatus, The Loom of Time, Sanctuary of None & Shatterface

Penrith – Elton Chong
with Küntsqüad, Maggot Cave, Suppressant, Mother Eel & Vile Grubs

Perth – Milk Bar
with Kimura, Bloodhunt, Deadhorse, Grimoire, Elephant Orgy, Darkyra

Port Kembla – The Vault
with Temtris, Visualis, Mirrorshield & Blackened Rose

Port Macquarie – Black Duck Brewery
with Convex, Age of Emergence, Aenon & The Nameless

Port Pirie – Phoenix Park
with Hidden Intent, Those Left Behind, CVLT CODE, When Silence Breaks, Life Pilot, Suffer The Evenue, Shadow Monarchy & Hell Machine

Redcliff – Tribe Clubhouse
with Darksiege,  Beast Machine,  Filthifier & Shed Yeti

Sunbury – Little Lucy’s Lounge
with Victoria K, Sentia, Rise From Ashes & Vault Hill

Sydney – Bootleggers
with Miruthan, Carbon Black & Children Of Peridition

About Metal United Down Under:
Metal United Down Under is an annual metal event held simultaneously in various cities across Australia, uniting metal enthusiasts under the same banner for a night of headbanging and camaraderie. With a decade-long history, MUDU has showcased the strength and diversity of the Australian metal scene, features renowned acts and leaves an indelible mark on cities nationwide every year. Follow Metal United Down Under on Facebook for the latest updates. Artwork designed by Tristan Tait Illustrations.