DRAB MAJESTY talks OHM Festival performance and writing the next album.

Brisbane Powerhouse announces the return of ΩHM Festival of Other Music following its spectacular debut earlier this year. Curated by Brisbane Powerhouse Arts Program Director Brad Spolding and celebrated composer Lawrence English, the festival’s 2024 edition promises to captivate audiences with a provocative program of cutting-edge music, boundary-pushing performances and pioneering art.

Audiences can experience a fusion of music, performance, and movement at ΩHM from 28 February  20 April 2024, with a program of immersive international and Australian talent, featuring Yothu Yindi, Michael Rother, Drab Majesty, Boris and works by Kim Gordon, Stephanie Lake, Chunky Move and more.

Teeing up for an audio-visual triple bill, for one night only, the LA duo, Drab Majesty will perform an Australian-exclusive experience to the 1980’s science fiction film, The Arrival, morphing post-punk with sci-fi elements. While leading French audio-visual duo Franck Vigroux and Antoine Schmitt, combine their distinctive worlds to create electronic soundscapes in their latest work ATOTAL – CHRONOSTASTIS-TEMPEST. Alongside this, Filipina-Australian multi-artist CORIN and Malaysian-Australian video artist/director, Tristan Jalleh will explore the concept of a collective heightened consciousness during a time of crisis in their work Lux Aeterna.

The Everblack Podcast spoke to Andrew “Deb Demure” Clinco from DRAB MAJESTY about their upcoming exclusive performance at the Brisbane OHM Festival, how their music has connected to fan’s personally, the direction of the new Drab record, upcoming VR Sex album and different writing process between his projects and more.

Listen to the interview here: 

Drab Majesty is the enigmatic and captivating musical project spearheaded by Los Angeles-based artist Deb Demure, also known as Andrew Clinco. Formed in 2011, Drab Majesty emerged from the vibrant underground music scene with a sound that defies easy categorization, blending elements of post-punk, new wave, and dream pop into a mesmerizing sonic tapestry.

Drawing inspiration from the ethereal and the otherworldly, Drab Majesty creates music that transports listeners to a realm of introspection and exploration. With haunting melodies, shimmering synths, and lush atmospheres, their music evokes a sense of longing and transcendence, inviting audiences into a world of mystery and allure.

Drab Majesty’s theatrical live performances, characterized by members Deb Demure and Alex “Mona D” Nicolaou’s androgynous appearance and magnetic stage presence, have earned them a dedicated following around the globe. Through their carefully crafted aesthetic and evocative lyrics, Drab Majesty invites listeners to contemplate themes of identity, alienation, and the search for meaning in an increasingly fragmented world.

With critically acclaimed albums such as “The Demonstration” and “Modern Mirror,” Drab Majesty continues to push the boundaries of alternative music while captivating audiences with their unique blend of darkness and beauty. As they continue to evolve and expand their sonic palette, Drab Majesty remains a beacon of innovation and authenticity in the contemporary music landscape.


ΩHM 2024
28 February – 20 April 2024
Brisbane Powerhouse

Tickets on sale to the general public now

Yothu Yindi – Drab Majesty – Boris – Michael Rother + Friends – The Necks – The Veils – Lydia Lunch / Joseph Keckler – Erin Fitzsimon & Matt Hsu’s Obscure Orchestra – Tim Hecker – Franck Vigroux / Antoine Schmitt – CORIN – Arka Kinari – The Wild – WITCH – Dots+Loops

Colossus by Stephanie Lake Company
THREE by Australasian Dance Collective
Universal Estate by Chunky Move – FREE

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