Ignite / Driven Fear/ Entrapment / Buckled – Soapbox Beer Brisbane [Live Review]

Review: Justin George
Photography: Matt Warren

Fi fie fo fun, what do we have here?! A muggy Sunday evening welcomed California’s Ignite to Brisbane, the last stop of their Australian tour, their first here with new singer Eli Santana.

Kicking off upstairs at the Soapbox Brewery. Gold Coast locals Buckle opened proceedings with their melodic skate punk. The band tried to get the crowd to shake off their weekend stupor with some shout-along skate punk. Maybe it was the early set, maybe the humidity, but the band seemed a little stiff kicking off. If you’re going to scream ‘Fuck The World’ I need some more ‘oomph’ behind it. The band picked up upon playing some of their new material, turning towards themselves for energy, getting in the swing of things and letting loose to finish.

As night set in, Entrapment took the stage to give Meanjin a dose of their heavy hitting hardcore. Calling the crowd forward, the band weren’t accepting any excuses for people to not be front and centre for the beatdown. Between the bands exhortations and some breakdowns of building-levelling proportions, Entrapment gave the crowd nowhere to hide as they ripped through their set.

Driven Fear continued the showcase of Gold Coast bands for the night, blasting out the gate with their melodic hardcore. Tight and fast with compelling breakdowns that brought the crowd to life, the band continued to build the energy for the evening. Despite the best efforts by a few hyped punters to start a circle pit, one failed to materialise. There were still plenty of spin kicks, flying fists and nodding heads throughout the band’s enthusiastic performance to set the stage for the headliners.

Ignite hit the stage to a rousing cheer from the expectant crowd. Launching into classic OC hardcore punk with abandon, the band was unrelenting, giving their all despite it being the last show down under. It’s this energy and passion that has led the band to being a punk mainstay for so long. Its clear from the opening few songs that Ignite hasn’t lost a step.

Singer Eli is an excellent frontman, full of contagious energy that’s matched by the entire band. A well-oiled machine, the band sounded precise and massive. Hearts on their sleeve, the band ran through a barrage of their classic socially minded songs. Fans old and new weren’t disappointed, as the crowd found their voice yelling along to every song. A united voice ringing out into the balmy late-summer Brisbane night. Ignite keep the passion alight and aren’t stopping anytime soon!