American Teeth Release ‘A Wake’ EP Out Now & ‘Sand Dollars’ Video

American Teeth, the sonic alter ego of Elisha Noll, has released the A Wake EP out now via Fearless Records.

“I wrote this song about a day or two after my dad died, when I was walking on the beach and stepped onto the sand to find thousands of sand dollars sprawled across the beach,” the artist explains. “It was the first time I connected an event with my dad after he died, and gave me hope that he was still with me. I was reminded of this memory while working with Dewain Whitmore, Julian Bell, and Colin Brittain, and we decided to bring it to life. The outro lyrics were written a few years back in a session I had with Matthew Pauling. We were working in a similar chord progression and I felt the message at the end was a nice way to tie the whole journey up.”

Noll has quickly risen in the ranks as in-demand songwriter. Check out this playlist of songs he has worked on for The Jonas Brothers, Nessa Barrett, Illenium, 5 Seconds of Summer, and more.