Death Lens Announce New Album “Cold World”

Photo credit – Robert Nunez

Los Angeles alt-punk band Death Lens announce plans to release their new album Cold World on May 3rd via Epitaph Records.

Since 2015, the five self-described “Brown boys from La Puente” have demonstrated an explosive energy and attitude in their recordings and chaotic live shows. Along the way, they have blossomed into a refined example of their work ethic, dedication to social justice and their community.

“ “Cold World” just seemed to fit in the days we’re living,” the band muses on the album’s title choice. “It’s the desire to thrive in a deteriorating world all while pushing those who feel like there is no hope and hoping to give them a second wind, a sense of hope.”

With slick guitar sonics and tender backing vocal harmonies that feel like the best parts of indie, punk and shoegaze, watch the surrealist music video for the album’s title track below:

Aided by NYC-based producer Brett Romnes (Hot Mulligan, Mom Jeans), Cold World is a departure from the early styles Death Lens mimicked as a young band; an elevation of their sound transmuted into matured and brawny post-hardcore tinged rock songs. Coming from their DIY background, it was an adjustment to work with a producer for the first time but together they were able to explore new creative territories. With the reverb turned up and the raw dial scaled back, they leave room for the massive hooks and compelling songwriting heard on the album’s eleven tracks.

This was our first time using a producer and we were scared that our sound was not going to be us, but Brett was such an amazing addition to the writing process,” the band explains. “The goal was to find a common ground and build from that and we did almost instantly on day one, it was beautiful.”

Lyrically, Cold World finds vocalist Bryan Torres reckoning with his place in the world, examining social injustices, current political and world unrest, and his emotional, mental, and physical reactions to it all. Growing up as minorities 20 miles east of Los Angeles with constant harassment by police and heavy gang violence, Death Lens faced many risk factors that could’ve led them astray from this moment. Their paths could have gone other ways, but they’ve chosen positivity and strive to be a light for their communities, their fans and each other.

We’re all unified in the way we think, we all believe in a fair system for all to live without struggle and with a reasonable cost of living,” Torres says. “We side strongly with socialist ideals proudly. We’re also very pro Latino and pushing heavier to see more Hispanic bands up on stage, pro LGBTQ, pro-immigration and everything in between.”

One world, one community.”

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