NECK DEEP Interview: New Album, Touring Australia and When We Were Young Festival

Photo credit – Nat Wood

UK-rock band Neck Deep are set to release self-titled album, Neck Deep, on January 19 via Hopeless Records. 

In slightly over a decade since their formation in the spare room of the Barlow brothers in Wrexham, Wales, Neck Deep has undergone significant transformations. Emerging from the raw and optimistically hopeful beginnings common to many teenage bands, these pop-punks have evolved into one of British Rock music’s most successful global exports. With top 5 records in both the US and UK, worldwide tours, viral hits, and over a billion plays, their accomplishments reflect the decade spent honing their musical craft.

As the band stands at the threshold of their fifth, self-titled LP, there’s a recognition that, despite the numerous changes, some aspects remain consistent. Instead of opting for a long list of collaborators and producers eager to work with one of rock’s hottest properties, Neck Deep has chosen a more grounded approach. deciding to write and record in their own warehouse space, located just miles away from where they initially started. This back-to-basics, old-school approach reflects a commitment to authenticity and a nod to the roots from which they originated.

The Everblack Podcast spoke to Ben Barlow from NECK DEEP about their new self titled album and its return to their pop punk sound, their recent Australian tour, upcoming appearance at the massive ‘When We Were Young’ Festival and more.

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”We try and be an arm around the shoulder in the tough times, but I think it works the other way too. I think if you’re in a good place, it’s still good, feel-good music. That’s kind of vibey and energetic too, so it works in all situations, but I think that’s the thing that we’ve cultivated as a band over the years is lyrics that people can kind of, whether they know it or not, maybe sum up how they’re feeling. I think that’s a beautiful thing about music sometimes. I mean, it doesn’t even have to be words, it can just be a sonic thing, but it does, it sort of quantifies all your feelings and puts all your feelings into sounds and words and emotions. So if we can do that for anyone, then to me, that’s a sign of good music. That’s the music I love, the music that can make me feel something immediately. The second you hit play, the second that song comes on, it immediately puts you in that state of mind of that song. And we can do that then hey, we’ve done something, something, right. So yeah, definitely the intentional mood.”Ben Barlow 

The new album encompasses everything Neck Deep have excelled at across their career, enhanced and dialled to eleven. “It Won’t Be Like This Forever” was recently added to Australia’s Triple J, marking the band’s first full add on the station. The album and other singles have recently been recognised by Rolling Stone,, Alternative Press, The Noise, New Noise Magazine, and other notable outlets.

Neck Deep – ‘Self Titled’ is out January 19 via Hopeless Records Order here: