AVRALIZE Joins the Arising Empire family Upcoming new single ‘LOTUS’

Arising Empire proudly welcomes fresh heavy act AVRALIZE [ˈɔːrəlaɪz]!
Fronted by vocalist Severin Sailer, guitarist Philipp Tenberken, drummer Bastian Gölz and bass player Valentin NoackAVRALIZE are about to release an astonishing audible experience with their upcoming, hard hitting single ‘LOTUS‘, set on release for January 16th!

Many worlds come together. A mix of vibe, technique and artistic creativity meets destructive breakdowns, provoking guitar riffs and catchy choruses. With finesse, the four guys from south Germany strike the perfect balance between the brutality of the deliberately used deathcore elements while incorporating a massive production and exciting grooves that you just want to dance to. AVRALIZE stands for perception through sound. That’s why the band has set itself the task of using certain stylistic devices, such as futuristic sounds and melodies to cast a spell over their fans and let them wander into distant worlds.

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“We are thrilled to share the exciting news of our partnership with Arising Empire. With their support, we can now concentrate on realizing our vision for the band and immerse ourselves even more in what we love most: creating music.
Our first release with Arising Empire will feature a particularly special song titled “LOTUS“.
The essence of the song revolves around the profound theme of letting go of the past. This signifies a transformative process of shedding old burdens, relationships, or beliefs to make way for new growth and change. Change is often perceived as intimidating and frightening, yet for us, it became essential to break free from self-imposed limitations and embrace the freedom to pursue our true desires, regardless of external opinions. Authenticity lies in being true to oneself and removing anything that obstructs the expression of our genuine selves—a step that anyone is capable of taking.”
 – Severin (vocals)
Having shared the stage with scene heavyweights like Ghostkid, Novelists, Paleface and Of Virtue, the group quickly established a reputation for their energetic live show that turns their crowds into a giant party on a regular basis. Despite their relatively short time as a band since their formation, AVRALIZE already performed at established festivals like Southside, Hurricane and RockXplosion.