Hybrid Theory + DJ Just Kait – Eatons Hill Brisbane [Live Review]

Review and gallery: Luke Petty 

Nu metal was on the cards tonight. Everyone heading to Eatons Hill keen to experience their favourite Linkin Park hits. All the way from Portugal, Hybrid Theory had arrived to deliver just that.
Kicking us off was local DJ Just Kait.

Even though it was very odd having a DJ as a support to a rock band she definitely pleased the crowd from the get go with the hits of memories past. She kicked things off, taking us back to the golden age of the 2000s with anthems like “I’m Just a Kid” by Simple Plan and “In Too Deep” by Sum 41.

The crowd roared with recognition, singing along to every word. The energy reached fever pitch with Disturbed’s Down with the Sickness,” with David Draiman’s signature growl echoing through the venue. DJ Kait commanded the stage, her energy and engaging presence setting the perfect tone for the night.

During band changeover “Chop Suey” by System of a Down and “Rollin” by Limp Bizkit sent the crowd into a spin. Everyone singing along and dancing around really set them up for what was to come.

The crowd pumped full of a nostalgic playlist. Ready for some LP. Then, the lights dimmed. A creative intro of “The Requiem” played, followed by the opening riff of “New Divide.” As IvoHybrid Theory’s vocalist, began to sing, the crowd erupted. It was uncanny. His voice, hauntingly similar to Chester Bennington’s, sent shivers down spines and transported us back to Linkin Park’s glory days.

Crowd members screaming “Make Chester Proud“, proud is an understatement . While photographing, singing-a-long, I had to stop and just watch and take in what I was hearing. Hit after hit followed, a relentless wave of nostalgia. “Burn it Down,” “Don’t Stay,” and the newly released “Lost” each felt like stepping back into a cherished Linkin Park concert.

Ivo’s screams were raw and powerful, while his clean vocals brought a tenderness to songs like “Shadow of the Day” and “Breaking the Habit.” The mood shifted again with the upbeat “Remember the Name” by Fort Minor, seamlessly flowing into “Waiting for the End” before returning to a poignant moment.  It was then slowed back down again with “One More Light” where Ivo asked for everyone’s phone lights to help him out.

The sea of lights quickly grew and lit up the crowd while he sang out the sensational hit. It was really heartfelt to hear it again considering the uncanny resemblance in his voice. It was from here the crowd was super vocal and ready for the home stretch of hits. And they really brought it home with the final 8 songs.

What I’ve Done” and “In The End” echoed throughout the venue. But just like an actual Linkin Park concert and set list the final 3 songs were strong. “One Step Closer” showed us how great Hybrid Theory is at capturing the essence that is Linkin Park. “Faint” flawlessly performed by the whole band and finishing an amazing set with “Bleed It Out” which was a regular final song in all Linkin Park sets.

Hybrid Theory are masters of their craft, and their show was a testament to the enduring legacy of Linkin Park. One can only hope that their Australian tours continue for years to come. This night was a celebration of music, nostalgia, and the power of shared experience. It was an unforgettable journey back to a time when Linkin Park ruled the airwaves, and for one magical night, their spirit lived on through the incredible talent of Hybrid Theory.

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