DEFOCUS Release New Single, Crooked Mind

Heavy act DEFOCUS follow up on their previous two singles ‘biased’ & ‘let the bond be my grave‘ with another blistering new track after causing a sensation with their debut album »In The Eye Of Death We Are All The Same«.

With ‘crooked mind‘, DEFOCUS shot sharp again and hit straight into the listeners’ brains. Once there, the song immediately unfolds its heaviness, guided by the mental chaos of the lyrics.
When plagued by a crooked mind, people often feel as though they are not alone in their thoughts. Voices, speaking in unfamiliar ways, manipulate and distort their internal perception of self, creating a sense of disconnection and confusion.

Founded by Simon MüllerJeffrey UhlmannJonas Mahler and Marcel “Bambam” Heberling, the Aalen quartet spent time making music together before coming to light in early 2019, instantly proving their worth in the scene with their energetic live shows and instantly set a new standard within the scene with their debut album »In The Eye Of Death We Are All The Same«, highly acclaimed by critics.
Listen to ‘crooked mind‘ NOW