Quicksand is a legendary American post-hardcore band formed in 1990, hailing from New York City.

The band’s debut album Slip turned 30 earlier this year, and what better way to commemorate such a monumental album than with an equally as hard-hitting live show.

Valhalla Touring and Waxstar Touring are bringing the anniversary celebrations to Australia and New Zealand where Quicksand will perform their greatest hits along with select tracks from Slip.

Frontman Walter Schreifels told Loudwire, “We’re definitely an amalgamation of all the aggressive stuff that’s come out of New York, but we wanted to be a bit more cerebral.”

In the early nineties, traditional metal was fading and the fury of New York hardcore had started burning brighter. Quicksand grabbed ahold of them both and crafted a record that strongly stood smack-bang between raging belligerence and thoughtful story-telling. Introducing vulnerable lyrics about broken homes, dysfunctional relationships and the breakdown of the American family to syncopated drums and fierce vocals was bound to put Quicksand at the forefront of the evolution of post-hardcore and post-metal.

“Aggressive music is great, but we want to make songs that have a point as well.”

Decades later, Quicksand continued to make a point in 2021 when they released their cleverly titled latest album Distant Populations to a world lacking in closeness and connection, made glaringly obvious by the worldwide pandemic. 

Quicksand are coming to take Australasia on an aggressively thought-provoking look at the last 30 years. Their passionate performances and timeless music are sure to captivate both longtime fans and new listeners alike, reaffirming their influential position in the history of rock music.

 You won’t want to miss this.  Appearing this December around Australia.  Tickets selling fast.


Thursday 7th December – The Zoo, Brisbane

Friday 8th Dec – Crowbar, Sydney

Saturday 9th Dec – Crown & Anchor, Adelaide

Sunday 10th Dec – Stay Gold, Melbourne *selling fast!


waxstartouring.com or valhallatouring.com