Capstan Share ‘Bloom’ Visualizer

Florida five-piece CAPSTAN — Anthony DeMario (vocals), Joe Mabry (guitar), Harrison Bormann (guitar), Andrew “Boz” Bozymowski (bass, vocals), and Scott Fisher (drums) — have shared another new single.

Bloom demonstrates the softer side of Capstan. Driven by a lilting piano melody, gorgeous vocals, and layered harmonies, it’s an emotional journey that packs a sonic lifetime into the space of four minutes. Stick around for the epic ending. It’s quite the payoff.

“Every one of us will experience tremendous shifts throughout our lives,” the band says, offering a closer look into the song. “We all change drastically as we age, especially as we attempt to overcome our past traumas. ‘Bloom’ speaks to the journey of learning to focus on the future, instead of the tragedies of the past. A song about growth, and the transition from cyclical self-destructive behavior into hopeful intention for what is to come. It’s about the desire to impact the world in a positive, meaningful way, from the perspective of a person who was previously only able to view life through the lens of their trauma. The desire to be the love, be the change. We never stop growing. We never stop blooming.”

Bloom follows the previously issued double singles Bête Noire + Heart to HeartCapstan released their second album SEPARATE in 2021 via Fearless Records.

Capstan are touring next year with Holding Absence in North America.