Photo credit – Markus Hauschild

Today the metalcore giants The Ghost Inside, share a powerful new single and accompanying music video, “Death Grip”.

Featuring heavy riffage and unforgiving drum patterns backed by haunting industrial sonics, “Death Grip” features compelling, emotionally charged lyrics as lead singer Jonathan Vigil squares off with his own mortality and comes out victorious. He explains,

“Death Grip is a song about survival and defying your fate to create your own destiny. When push comes to shove, believe in yourself. You don’t need a lifeline when you’ve got a death grip.”

In 2008, The Ghost Inside formed in El Segundo, CA united by their shared passion for bands in the hardcore scene. The band has since released five studio albums:  Fury and the Fallen Ones  (2008), Returners (2010), Get What You Give (2012), Dear Youth (2014), and The Ghost Inside (2020).  The group stands for authenticity, dedication, perseverance and the most literal adherence to the core values behind their craft. Sonically, they place equal emphasis on deeply personal vocals, urgent riffing and pile-driving breakdowns within the framework of their heavily melodic modern hardcore.

Their 2020 self-titled album represented determination, reflection and newfound hope after the tragic 2015 bus accident that changed the band’s lives forever, claiming the lives of their driver, the lives of everyone in the other vehicle, and resulting in multiple injuries for all the members. Eventually, they came to see the incident as a moment to put their inspirational lyrics to the test. Songs that were once more philosophical in origin had become autobiographical. The accident will always be a defining moment for The Ghost Inside, but never what defines them.