Triple M Oztober Garage Session [Live Review]

Review and gallery: Luke Petty

Triple M Oztober Garage Session competition winners flocked to the Princess Theatre. Gathering in the courtyard for free food, drinks and merch to lather them up for the epic night of Australian music ahead.

In an unexpected turn of events, Filthy Animals had to withdraw from the lineup, leaving the stage open for Pete Murray to take the reins. Armed with his trusty acoustic guitar and harmonica, Murray launched into a string of hits, his laid-back acoustic melodies and relatable lyrics instantly captivating the crowd.

A unified chorus of voices rose to meet his, singing along to every word of his top hits like “Opportunity” and “So Beautiful.” With a touch of humor, Murray inquired if anyone had used “So Beautiful” as their wedding song, playfully pointing out its mismatch with the occasion. His voice, as rich and resonant as any live recording, filled the venue, weaving tales of his rise to fame and the unwavering support of Triple M from the very beginning. He regaled the audience with anecdotes about his children and the unhygienic state of his harmonica, drawing chuckles from the crowd.

Throughout his performance, Murray showcased his innate musical ability, a testament to his enduring presence in the Australian music scene. As the final notes of “Better Days” faded into the night, the crowd was left in awe of his performance.

Diesel opened his set with his new song “Forever” from his upcoming 16th studio album “Bootleg Melancholy.” The crowd loved the catchy chorus and were instantly dancing along. His next song, “Man Alive,” really set the tone for the crowd and Diesel’s performance. The crowd chanted along to every word as loud as they could, while Diesel owned the stage with his impeccable guitar work and energetic stage presence. He walked around the stage, jumped off down to the barriers, and even jumped high up in the air like a true rockstar, all while still playing flawlessly.

His band members complemented the act with their performance as well. Diesel had a wide variety of guitars at his disposal, from acoustic to electric, and he changed them up multiple times throughout the night. He mastered every instrument he played, but his performance of “Tip of My Tongue” was the highlight of the night.

The crowd erupted in screams and whistles, and the atmosphere of the Princess Theatre was epic. Diesel finished his set with the incredible song “Cry in shame.” He is such a versatile artist who has been putting on amazing shows for so many years, and this show was no exception. It was an extremely memorable night for his fans.

The Living End are one of Australia’s most iconic rock bands, gracing us with their upbeat rock music tonight and headlining the event in style. They showed that they’ve still got it, opening with their classic hit “I Can’t Give You What I Haven’t Got.” The energy in the room was electric from the start, and the band was in the zone.  Chris Cheney owned the stage, his vocals soaring and his guitar skills dazzling. “Til the End” and “All Torn Down” sent the crowd into a frenzy, singing along to every word and shaking their heads in time to the music. Scott Owen’s bass playing was thunderous, his instrument rumbling with power.

Pictures in the Mirror” and “Second Solution” were even more epic, and the crowd erupted when Scott jumped up on his bass and stood on it while playing before launching off, even after many years of showing off his skills. “White Noise” was one of the hits of the night, and the crowd went absolutely wild. The band wrapped up their set with “Prisoner of Society.”
Even after 26 years of hearing this song since its release it still has just as much impact to a crowd playing it live. Every word sung in sync with the band. The Living End really showed they still have it and hopefully we see them back on the stage again very soon.

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