Rhys McKenzie from ESCARION talks ‘Towards A Futile Existence’

Fusing progressive and symphonic sensibilities to their already eclectic blackened death style, Melbourne based act ESCARION have released their sophomore album ‘Towards A Futile Existence’.

The Everblack Podcast spoke Rhys McKenzie from ESCARION about their new album ‘Towards A Futile Existence‘, the musical evolution of the band and more.

Watch/listen to the interview here:

Marked by guitarist Louis Parengkuan’s thrash-laden style as well as atmospheric vocals and textured keyboards from newest member Gaia, the eight track album muddies the waters of genre for ESCARION even further with the introduction of clean vocals and layered ambience. Lyrically, the album continues to explore the band’s favoured theme of the human psyche and modern society’s disconnect from reality under a digitised influence.

The band comments: ‘Our sophomore album, ‘Towards A Futile Existence’ is a spiritual journey, just like our debut. Whereas the first was following the concept of the seven deadly sins and examining their impact on the human psyche, this album has a focus on modernity and the impacts it has on the soul. It is both a warning of our current trajectory, as well as a reflection on the pain and struggle of life in a world where nihilism is prevailing. We are truly walking ‘with despair in our hearts, Towards a Futile Existence’, in our personal life, as well as society as a whole.’

Ever relentless and expansive in crafting their works, ESCARION follows in the innovative vein of bands such as Death, Behemoth, Opeth and Trivium to form a sound that is altogether brutal, experimental and confronting.

Stream & order: https://escarion.bandcamp.com/album/towards-a-futile-existence
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