Grinspoon, Private Function and Cupid and the Stupids – Miami Marketta Gold Coast [Live Review]

Photography: Luke Petty

Review Luke Petty and Christian Stanger

Miami Marketta opened its doors and the fans funneled in and filled the lane way early on. Solid heavy rock was on the cards and with it, no small order of nostalgia for some fans who were going on 20 years between drinks. Grinspoon’s Easy Detention tour was in town, and we were about to experience it all.

Celebrating dual albums, 1999’s “Easy” and 2002’s “New Detention”, the boys from Lismore missed the 20th anniversaries for each but are now about to make it up with an epic set mixing up these tracks, some of which are to be given the live treatment for the first time in 20 years.

Cupid and the Stupids (CATS) to open the afternoon looking nothing short of dapper. The 6-piece Broadway punk/rock ‘n’ roll band from Byron Bay jump straight into a set of high-energy driven hits to set the tone if the afternoon.  Dressed in their best with roses behind the ears, they look like they might bust out ‘Earth Angel’ at any moment, but they keep the emphasis on the punk with few extra tambourines, synths and even a tap-dancing solo keeping the crowd guessing. CATS bring an energy to the stage that resonates with the growing crowd who showed up early to witness a band with amazing chemistry and solid chops.

Next on the bill was the awesomely named, Private Function, a chaotic punk band from Melbourne, who had just returned from a tour of Europe. If CATS had energy, Private Function were out of their minds. Vocalist Chris Penney rebounded from pillar to post, amping up the crowd and screaming lyrics down the mic punctuated by witty quips between songs. The tracks are slightly reminiscent of Bad Dreems playing the same lane way a few years ago, but Private Function are more dynamic and several decibels louder as they launch into a track tailor-made to be screamed by a load of drunk Aussies, “Passion Pop”.

Bassist Milla throws her guitar at Chris as the two swap places for an aggressive three minutes of loudness with Milla swinging her chain belt into drums, cymbals and threatening the overhead lights. At this point its pure chaos on stage the likes of which Australian crowds rarely see. Love song “Grabbing My Butt” sees Milla joining the front row for a round of drinks before another off-kilter but fast-paced song “I Wish Australia Had Its Guns Again.” A cover of ABBA’s “S.O.S.” later and this absolute performance from professional mad people is over. What a spectacle.

The lights dim and the crowd at Miami Marketta buzzed with anticipation. Grinspoon, one of Australia’s most iconic rock bands, was about to hit the stage with an arsenal of much-loved tunes.
The fellas take the stage following a lengthy interim with New Detention opener-proper “Anyday Anyhow” cutting through with those signature Pat Davern, down-tuned chords. The masses are along for the ride instantly with voices and hands raised singing every word as Phil postures onstage in a leather jacket and dark shades, every inch of the man, a rockstar.

Age has done nothing to Phil’s voice, if anything, he’s better than ever. He hits every note from the diaphragm and is in top form for Easy single “Lost Control” and he is unhindered by the megaphone for the monstrous “American Party Bomb”.

Violent and Lazy” offered a nice change of pace and tone but it was rare respite from cult classics like “No Reason” and “Rock Show” keeping the vibe going. Inevitably, “Chemical Heart” makes its appearance. The song that, when released in 2002, offered a new pathway into mainstream popularity when the band needed one, inspires a million phone to be held aloft to immortalise the moment as the haunting vocals and toned-down overdrive swirl through the lane way.

After a touching performance of “Hate” (with a special guest vocalist from CATS), the raucous “1000 Miles” proves the perfect antidote to the slow stuff as the band delve into the back catalogue and come up with a string of winners from Guide to Better Living and before. “Just Ace” surprisingly gets a slot on the set list much to the delight of the older fans before the compulsory two, “Champion” and the weapon of mass nostalgia, “More Than You Are” close out this absolute hit parade.

The band had not played in months and this performance was flawless with a set list like a greatest hits collection. Even without any new music on the horizon at present, surely albums like these two and performances like this place Grinspoon right up there with the best Aussie acts of all time. Fairly confident we’ll be seeing and hearing from them again in short time.


Presented by Triple M, Metropolis Touring, Wonderlick & New World Artists
With special guests Private Function and Cupid & The Stupids

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