Go Ahead and Die – Unhealthy Mechanisms [Album Review]

The juggernaut that is the Cavalera family is back and to say that they’re back with a powerhouse album would be a severe understatement. Go Ahead and Die is the brainchild of the Cavalera boys and is set to release their second album, Unhealthy Mechanisms which will be the follow up to their debut Self-titled album in 2021.

The album opens with Desert Carnage, with a short-lived guitar feedback ringing the ears before blasting into a full band staccato intro, to then be followed by ear crushing death metal. We’ve set the tone for the album, what you hear is what you get, if you’re not up for a fucking heavy as shit album, well tough luck, you’re about to get your ass kicked by team Cavalera.

Drug O-Cop, sirens blaring across the track, setting the tone from the get-go, you know exactly what this song is about. Max isn’t afraid to be political, it’s not exactly a secret. And this track is just that, Max raging about a corrupt environment that third world countries and then some are forever held down by.

Chasm is a filthy guttural punch, disgusting in the best way possible. It’s just fucking dirty from the moment that nasty bass tone sludges into frame, followed soon after by complete distorted vocals and I’m pretty sure those drums have a gain fx over them, this is about as intentionally dirty a track can get. yet it still somehow manages to stay behind the line of unlistenable and ear piercing. A perfect blend, stunningly written and executed, this may be my favourite track on the album purely based on how genius it is.

Closing with our title track Unhealthy Mechanisms, just when you thought you’d heard the heaviest of the album, this finale comes in strong. Strong may be an understatement, honestly. After a short intro of mechanical spoken word voices, setting a world to the finale, its blast beat heaven. The track brings every light of the album into play, from the extreme blast beats to the guttural growls and the 4/4 drum beat over the bouncing guitar riffs, it’s a perfectly placed ending to the album.

Unhealthy Mechanism is exactly what the doctor ordered. Political carnage driven death metal; heavy, proper fucking heavy. It’s blending an array of metal genres, from blast to extreme to straight up metal, this is what Cavalera does best, this is why he is a living legend. The bottom line, the true take away, this album is just fucking great.

Unhealthy Mechanisms is out now via Nuclear Blast Records

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