Naugrim – ‘Adversity’ [EP Review]

Review: Jack Price

Despite its scenic appeal, native historical finds and sprawling bushland of indigonist plantlife, the Blue Mountains are home to a brutally destructive beast. Legend tells of its stampeding footfalls the sound of a thousand drums, its growling calls echoing throughout the land. Locals speak of raging chugs and wailing as it closes in on its prey. Thankfully however, this beast is none other than the metalcore band Naugrim, and they are ready to bestow us with their beastly EP – Adversity.

The 5 track EP is perfectly balanced with heavy as fuck riffs, beefy chugging bass, destructive blast beats and raspy, gutteral vocals. Straight off the bat, Destroyer  hits with a tasty riff followed by an exceptional drum roll before continuing the riffage. Greg McManus’ vocals carry the track with his raspy oration of determination in the face of… well… Adversity.

The follow up track, Severed, continues with the fast past riffs and rhythmic, aggressive percussion, this time showcasing a higher vocal range for McManus throughout the track.

From The Ashes closes the EP, showing the talent the band has. Time signature swaps, raging solo, powerful aggressive vocals. Add into that the symbology of rising from defeat, the burning ambition to continue forward, not to mention it being the final track on the band’s debut EP (a clever nod to the legendary phoenix perhaps?). This track is brutal and beautiful and literally (re-)creation at its finest.

Adversity was a project for the vocalist to be a “medium to reflect on and deal with my own past discretions from a third perspective and to acknowledge how time can change things”, which is present in the lyrics and delivered with such raw belligerence and pugnacity. Lyrically, there are messages of self-preservation and strength over conflict and surrender, depression and isolation, and overcoming addiction and substance abuse. The powerful delivery is emphatic and translates amazingly. The EP is rife with solid solos, cheeky china cymbals and reverberant bass, the synergy of of genres built upon the deathcore foundations makes for a good fucking time!

The Blue Mountain boys of Naugrim have done extremely well in cultivating, perfecting and arranging this EP, sure to find its way to many deathcore, prog or similar heavy metal fans as of its release, before they storm the East coast and central centres on tour. Be sure to check out Adversity – out November 10th.