AMBER WILD (Featuring Evan Stanley) Release New Double A-Side Single ‘Breakout // Silver’

“All live all the time.” AMBER WILD started in January 2023 with one simple goal: make the kind of music they wanted to hear. Fiery guitars, thunderous drums, and raw vocals filtered through a kaleidoscope of influences make for something that’s the right amount of familiar and fresh.

After spending the year developing their sound on the L.A. club circuit, AMBER WILD made their festival debut at this year’s Aftershock in Sacramento.

Now, October is shaping up to be a big month for the band with the release of their double-A side debut single ‘Breakout // Silver.’ These tracks will be out to the world on October 19, which will also be the first date of Amber Wild’s run directly supporting KISS on their End of the Road Tour in the United States. And while it may be the end of the road for KISS, it’s just the beginning for AMBER WILD.

 Download / Stream ‘Breakout’ // ‘Silver’ here:

‘Silver’ is a love song to a moment. It’s realizing you’re in something way deeper than you thought and then choosing to just lean in and give yourself over entirely. Some songs you want to write and some songs you have to.

‘Breakout’ is the latter. A  little while ago I had this feeling of everyone and everything pushing in on me and squeezing until there was none of me left. I’d lost touch with my own compass almost completely. As an artist, it’s a really scary thing to lose that connection and writing ‘Breakout’ was my way of pushing back.

Listen to ‘Breakout’ here: