Capra drops new performance video, “Silana”

Photo credit: Tyson Pate

Metallic hardcore outfit Capra have unleashed their sophomore full-length, Errors, via Metal Blade Records / Blacklight Media Records. Maintaining all the elements that made their 2021 debut so compelling – raucous energy, frantic riffs, the from-the-gut lyrics and soul-searing delivery of vocalist Crow Lotus – Capra has stepped things up on this record, with stronger songwriting and a determination to reach the next level.

Tyler Harper (guitar) comments: “I’m so excited to finally put ‘Errors’ out into the world. We put everything we’ve got into this one. It’s been a long time coming and I can’t wait for everyone to get to know our music on a deeper level.”

Trevor Alleman (bass) adds: “Excited to finally share our LCY video for ‘Silana’, the final single off of our new record ‘Errors’ out today. Doing a video with LCY has been high up on my to do list and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Huge shout out to Carlisle for creating an awesome space to help both the Birmingham scene and the bands that pass through. Thankful to be added to this library of ‘Uncut Videos’.”

Coming primarily from a hardcore background, giving listeners a sense of nostalgia for the sounds of the late 90’s and early 2000’s hardcore and punk scenes, but also incorporating elements of metal that complement the overall tone, everything Capra does on Errors resonates with emotion; nothing is forced.

Purchase and stream Errors in full now at: