RITES new dark & heavy music

Emerging from the depths of Australia’s heavy underground, RITES have arrived with their debut single release Depletion. Delivering a doom-laden solemn dirge that defies easy categorization and could be described as sorrowful, pretty, and surprisingly heavy. While at its core, RITES’ sonic identity can be broadly defined as a fusion of Post Metal and Doom, yet they defy conventional genre boundaries with a captivating blend of Death/Black Metal and Folk Rock influences. The result is a unique and captivating integration of sound that challenges preconceived notions of what heavy music is.

At the heart of RITES’ music is the organic intricacy of Samara Faye’s folk-influenced finger-picking guitar style. Her delicate and haunting vocal melodies intertwine seamlessly with the sludgy, visceral riffs and clean-to-guteral vocals of Tom Waterhouse from Earth Rot and Concede. Along with the hard-hitting drum stylings of Rory Keys, best known for his work with Twin Serpents and King Zog. This juxtaposition of ethereal and brutal elements creates a uniquely delicate but harsh tone that washes over the listener like a melancholic tidal wave.

While this is just the beginning for RITES. As we consume the first morsel of this profound darkness, it becomes increasingly evident that their distinctive musical vision is on the cusp of leaving an enduring impression on the realm of heavy music.

Music, Merch, Socials: https://linktr.ee/rites.aus