Prika Amaral from NERVOSA talks ‘Jailbreak’ and their journey Wacken Open Air

photo credit: Gregory Dourtounis]

With a twin guitar attack and Prika Amaral now taking centerstage as frontwoman, NERVOSA revolutionizes their sound on their fifth album ‘Jailbreak’ out September 29 via Napalm Records

The Everblack Podcast caught up with Prika Amaral from NERVOSA to talk about their new album ‘Jailbreak’, moving to Greece, their incredible and stressful journey to play Wacken Open Air this year, her love of motorcycles and partying hard to make music videos!

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Among its various themes, Jailbreak explores messages of breaking free from everyone and everything holding you back from doing exactly what you want to do. It encourages the listener to be proud of who they are, to trust in themselves and the strength that lies within them. The album kicks off with charging “Endless Ambition”, a track previously released in early 2023 that acted as a first harbinger for everything that is about to come on the album. The track immediately showcases the incredibly powerful attitude and talent of Amaral as frontwoman. Raging “Suffocare”, which deals with several aspects of toxic relationships, and “Ungrateful” continue on the path of the intense opening track, before easing into the beautiful, epic intro of “Seed Of Death”. With its philosophical lyrics that explore questions about the never-ending cycle of life, the song grabs at an omnipresent issue relevant to all of us. Relentless title track “Jailbreak” attacks with a thrash metal chorus and roaring guitar solos. As a very special treat, NERVOSA spice up the intense track “When The Truth Is A Lie” with none other than an impressive guest contribution from legendary EXODUS guitarist Gary Holt, whilst INFECTED RAIN/DEATH DEALER UNION vocalist Lena Scissorhands provides another strong guest feature by lending her voice on “Superstition Failed”“Elements of Sin” features some of the albums’ most insane guitar work and thundering vocals, before uncontrollable closing track “Nail The Coffin” seals the 13-track album with a forceful thrash banger.

In true NERVOSA style, the album’s lyrical themes comment on our society in a direct, critical manner, with messages delivered through intensely fast-twitching, raw soundscapes. On Jailbreak, the band continue their powerful collaboration with Martin Furia (DESTRUCTION), who produced the four-piece’s successful previous records. With this album, NERVOSA grace fans with yet another thrash metal masterpiece!

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