Anthony Diliberto from RESOLVE talks ‘Human’

Resolve have recently released their highly anticipated new album Human via Arising Empire. 

The Everblack Podcast spoke to Anthony Diliberto from Resolve about their new album Human, Sci Fi, Touring and more!

Watch/listen to the interview here: 

Bassist, Robin Mariat says: Human is a journey of self-acceptance, both on a personal level and on a larger scale, how we as a species are changing what it means to be human. With the recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligences, we could sometimes wonder if the machine isn’t developing to become more human than we are ourselves.  The only thing we can ask for is for people to listen through the whole record, because if there’s one thing we’re sure of, it’s that this album has something for everyone, even people that may be far removed from metal.

One of the strongest examples of that is In Stone. It’s an ethereal ballad that originally wasn’t even a Resolve song, just Anthony’s (Diliberto, vocalist and songwriter) purest expression of grief and questioning of the aftermath. It truly is one of the pivotal points of this album in our opinion.
Ever since their public reveal in February 2017 with the debut single ‘Exposed‘, the quartet has been eager to show their peers that they won’t settle for anything but greatness.
Their strong work ethic and attention to details allowed them to open shows for ArchitectsEvery Time I DieWhile She Sleeps to name a few, all of that within the first few months of the band’s stammering career.
RESOLVE released their debut album »Between Me and The Machine« in 2021 and had support from the likes of Kerrang! MagazineRock SoundMetal Hammer and Kerrang! Radio, while their tracks were rightfully placed on Spotify editorial playlists like New CoreNew Metal and Kickass Metal, gaining millions of streams worldwide.
“Resolve evolved their sound to sublimity, twisted the norms of their defining bracket, and struck at just the right time with Human.” – Jack Price (Everblack)
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