Heavy-hitting Father & Son riff machine duo, ‘ScarnOn’, releases their new single “The Can Game”

Prepare for the thunderous sounds of ScarnOn, a dynamic father-and-son riff machine duo, as they unleash their latest single, “The Can Game,” and reveal an exciting lineup of shows throughout the year.

ScarnOn is no ordinary father-son band; their music is a relentless onslaught of grooves, riffs, and beats that will make your head uncontrollably nod while your facial expressions contort into a proper stink face. Rest assured, there’s no shortage of electrifying riffs in their arsenal.

The genesis of ScarnOn can be traced back to the challenging days of 2020. It was during this time that 15-year-old singer/guitarist Jack Condy joined forces with his old man and drummer, Darren Condy (ex- Fuck I’m Dead, Zombie Motors, Wrecking Yard). The father-and-son team embarked on their musical journey initially to entertain themselves while locked in at home. Their creativity led them to write songs and craft humorous video skits that touched on the funny, silly, frustrating, and thought-provoking aspects of the world around them. Fast forward three years, and they have already released two full-length albums, and now with a new single and more exciting music in the pipeline. With Jack recently coming of age, they’re hitting stages, and demanding attention from all who encounter their sonic onslaught.

Their latest single, ‘The Can Game,’ delves into a nostalgic memory from Darren’s youth, back in seventh grade in 1990. This game involved a crushed soft drink can and a group of mates, complete with some amusingly questionable tactics. When Jack heard his dad’s tales of yesteryear, featuring corked thighs and wild shots, he couldn’t resist bringing the story to life with riffs and lyrics. The result is an energetic hard-hitting rock tune paired with a hilariously fun video that captures the essence of the can game in all its glory coupled with some just deserts.

Prepare to be blown away by a powerhouse of riffs as Victoria’s very own father-and-son duo takes the stoner rock and heavy metal scene by storm. Catch them live on stages throughout the year and experience their electrifying live show firsthand.

Grab tickets, music, merch and links to socials here: linktr.ee/scarnonband

Friday, September 22 – The Gasometer
W/ Munted Chunts, Nephalem, The Bin Stompers

Saturday, September 23 – Sunbury Sound System Studios
W/ Break Stuff, Black Water Creek

Saturday, October 14 – Rampalooza Ramp Fest Roller Derby
Bands, Ramps & more

Saturday, October 26th – Gerzurgan Chopper Show (NSW)
Bands, Bikes & Mayhem

Saturday, November 4 – Death Out West Fest, Sunbury
W/ Frankenbok, Isua, + more

Saturday, December 22 – The Gasometer 
W/ Gazillion Angry Mexicans, Planet Of The 8s