Danko Jones – Electric Sounds [Album Review]

Review: Dan Maynard 

You can’t deny the Canadian power monolith that is Danko Jones, with twelve studio albums under their belt, Electric Sounds pushes all boundaries as what 2023s rock album of the year could quite possibly be.
Gritty and driven by sheer intensity, Danko Jones is no stranger to the world stage, and it appears there’s no end in sight with them pumping out albums like Electric Sounds.

Vocalist Dankos message couldn’t be clearer, live life to its fullest and just have some fucking fun. Single Good Time is a prime example, I mean it’s in the title. “I came here to fuck shit up and have a good time”, could the lyrics be any more self-explanatory (I mean that in the best way possible!).

Opening track Guess Who’s Back doesn’t waste a beat, no intro, just balls to the way from bar one. The perfect start to a perfect album, Guess Who’s Back is a flawless way to begin the album. What can only be described as an unstoppable force, Electric Sounds continues to drive through with big ass tracks such as Get High, the upbeat punk rock anthem What Goes Around and title track Electric Sounds, all driving the album like a steam train at full speed.

It’s Shake Your City that grabs the cake for me, a blast of party fun, a killer main riff and a vibe that just does not stop from start to end. The album is like the love child of Twisted SisterAndrew WK and Dio. It’s party time while still rocking fucking hard is basically what I’m getting at. And it’s to not just fall in love with Electric Sounds from the get-go.

Danko has truly created a monster of an album here. With its big riffs, fun and catchy as hell choruses and tough as nails attitude, Electric Sounds is a master class in rock n roll that will make you want to fuck shit up and have a good time any hour of the day!

Danko Jones – Electric Sounds will be released on September 15, 2023 via AFM Records