SiM Release New Video For ‘HiDE AND SEEK’ Taken From New Album ‘PLAYDEAD’ Out September 27

Genre-blending Japanese metal, punk, and reggae outfit SiM have dropped their latest offering HiDE AND SEEK. Drawing inspiration from a previously recorded reggae melody created during the lockdown in 2020, HiDE AND SEEK morphed into its final form when SiM vocalist MAH reconstructed the verse, changed the key of the melody, and added a chorus on a track that was originally written for the band’s previous album THANK GOD, THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF WAYS TO KiLL ENEMiES. The release can be found on SiM’s upcoming new album PLAYDEAD out on Friday, 27th September via UNFD.

“This is SiM’s very first AI-Generated music video. Will AI truly take over mankind one day?! I want people to embrace that “AI-nxiety” and enjoy the video.”

When asked about the lyrical inspiration of the track, MAH shared: “In [the children’s game] HiDE AND SEEK, the equivalent Japanese phrase “Mouiikai” by the seeker is “Ready or Not”. But [in the Japanese version] the following response “Madadayo” meaning “not-yet (ready)” doesn’t exist in the English version of the game suggesting that the demons will come looking for you regardless of whether you’re “Ready or Not.”

After making waves with their smash-hit singles The Rumbling and Under The Tree featured on the massively popular anime series Attack On TitanSiM has since released their lead single RED, the theme song for the new season of the Netflix anime series Kengan Ashura. Most recently, the band released a visualiser for DO THE DANCE.

North American SiM fans will soon have their chance to see the band hit the stage on the Jackpot Juicer North American Tour (with Dance Gavin Dance, Rain City Drive, and Within Destruction). The quartet will also be performing at Louder Than Life Festival and Swanfest.