KAOSIS pulls in ANDERS COLSEFNI and JEFFREY NOTHING, the original singers from MUSHROOMHEAD and SLIPKNOT, on the lacerating new single, “BREAKING THE FALLEN”.

BREAKING THE FALLEN is a progressive nu-metal track that features Anders delivering gut-wrenching gutturals and an empowering spoken word bridge section while Nothing delivers a soaring call-and-response chorus with his trademark melodic aggression. The two fierce voices complement and contrast; together creating a deeply visceral and unnerving experience.

The seed of this particular musical collaboration was originally concieved back in 2014 for the Mushroomhead release, THE RIGHTEOUS AND THE BUTTERFLY. However, due to scheduling issues the feature never happened.

“Jeff and I looked at doing this years ago, but it was XEN and the KAOSIS mob that made it all possible. Jeff is a great vocalist and it was awesome to finally work with him”. – Anders Colsefni

The video for the song draws its inspiration from 1980s cyberpunk classics and was shot entirely on greenscreen during the covid pandemic. XEN, the band’s singer and director is a huge ROBOCOP fan and he brought this passion for the film to the video. 

When asked what the song is about XEN said:

“Breaking the Fallen is about perseverance through trauma to become a stronger and more resilient human”.

Breaking the Fallen also features turntables by DJ STORM who is most recognized for his work with EMINEM, PUBLIC ENEMY and ICE T. Storms adds an aggressive layer of golden-era scratching to the soundscape.

Breaking the Fallen is a feature single from the forthcoming sophomore record, WE ARE THE FUTURE. The new Kaosis record features JEREMIAH STRATTON (AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE/ HEDPE) on drums and PEREDUR AP GYWNEDD (PENDULUM) playing guitars.

Kaosis also worked with some hugely influential studio personnel on We are the Future. The amp engineering was handled by LOGAN MADER (ex MACHINEHEAD/ SOULFLY). Logan has worked extensively with 5FDP, GOJIRA and FEAR FACTORY. Mader played a dominant role in keeping the overall guitar tones authentic to the BURN MY EYES era of Nu- Metal.
The cinematic samples were produced by the world-renowned Boom Library team members of SEBASTIAN JOHNSON (DARK KNIGHT, GODZILLA, PACIFIC RIM and PROMETHEUS) and MICHAEL SCHWENDLER (MORTAL KOMBAT X and ELDER SCROLLS).

We are the Future was Mastered by HOWIE WEINBERG. Weinberg has 21 Grammys to his name and has mastered the biggest names in metal and rock including NIRVANAs’ Nevermind, DEFTONES’ White Pony, METALLICAs’ Master of Puppets, SLAYERs Reign in Blood, PANTERAs Cowboys from Hell and LIMP BIZKITs Significant Other.

Breaking the Fallen is available on all Platforms courtesy of Blood Blast Records.

Kaosis and Anders Colefsni are on tour with Waylon Reavis through October as part of the Australasian Numetal Mayhem Tour. 

Tour Dates:

11th Sydney Crowbar
12th Adelaide Enigma
13th Melbourne Bendigo Hotel
14th Brisbane Mansfield Tavern
15th Goldcoast Mo’s Desert Clubhouse

16th Toowoomba Irish Club Hotel
18th Auckland Neck of the Woods
19th Taranki 8 Ball Pool and Darts

20th Wellington Valhalla
21st Christchurch The Embankment

22nd Queenstown Yonder
23rd Dunedin Dive