Melbourne Melodic Metallers GHOST ENGINE Release New Single, Writings

Melbourne melodic metal act, Ghost Engine, released their epic first single Animal back in April to a riotous reception with the track nudging 20 000 spins on Spotify. Now they return with Writingsa song about the death of a situation and the truth we see about the outcome that we refuse to embrace, until it’s too late.

The band comment: “Our world prefers to be ignorant and in denial rather than choose honesty and truth to compromise a solution. The Writings on the wall has happened to us all in various and profound ways. Do we see the writings on the wall for our planet our people our beliefs?

What are your Writings in your life and how can you grow if you choose to be honest and base your life in truth?”

Melbourne melodic metal act, Ghost Engine, are a new act with old school heritage. Boasting five seasoned musicians for some of the nations most respected heavy acts, including Persecution, Dreadnaught, Powers That Be, Rimend and Luthor.

Already turning heads and pricking ears from a handful of successful gigs that showcase the bands in your face approach and monstrous wall of sound, Ghost Engine are set to release their debut album Gods of War  in late 2023.