Aurateque Release New EP ‘The Dragonfly Pursuit’

Eora/Sydney-based alternative-metal band Aurateque have just unveiled their debut EP ‘The Dragonfly Pursuit‘ – produced by Steve Balbi (Little River BandNoiseworks) and mixed/mastered by Chris Blancato (NorthlaneReliqa).

‘The Dragonfly Pursuit’ is a six-track explosive amalgamation of alternative-metal and nu-metal, spearheaded by vocalist Lauren Coleman, who exudes a hauntingly melodic, yet vehemently forceful presence throughout the EP. The body of work is a tumultuous blend of heavy mayhem that showcases the band’s evolution thus far.

Aurateque talk about the creation of ‘The Dragonfly Pursuit’:

“‘The Dragonfly Pursuit’ is a culmination of lessons learnt with time and pain. It touches on many topics like substance abuse, existentialism and fear of the unknown. Central themes include patterns you can’t undo and struggle to face, and becoming everything you hate.”

Paradigm‘ sets the EP in motion with a barrage of pounding drums and thunderous guitar riffs. The bridge delivers a savage breakdown, relentlessly fuelling the track’s dynamic transformation, before soaring into its climactic final chorus. It is followed by track two, ‘Hurricane‘, which creates a captivating contrast against Lauren’s introspective lyrics while exuding punctuating bass lines and dynamic drums that set its resolute foundation.

At the core of the record, ‘Renegade‘ and ‘Entropy‘ accentuate a sombre urgency through their frenetic instrumentation, casting a shadow over Lauren’s ominous and evocative storytelling prowess. ‘Renegade’ unfolds with weighty breakdowns and a whirlwind of guitar-driven chaos, while ‘Entropy’ morphs into a haunting blend of biting guitar riffs and anguished vocals, interlaced with elements of nu-metal.

The EP’s fourth track ‘Syndicate‘ ignites with a gritty bass line as distorted guitars seamlessly intertwine, adding layers of intensity. The song transitions into a gripping and escalating pre-chorus as the tension builds. Closing the EP is the focus track ‘Genesis‘, that serves as an anthem of inner turmoil, personal growth, and unwavering determination. The arrangement creates a dark and captivating atmosphere that concludes the record with a resounding message of hope.

The record is accompanied by an enthralling music video directed and edited by the band, with VFX elements done by Jack Pallett (Pallett Design). Aurateque explains the music video, “works in tandem with the lyrics ‘coming undone’.”

Singles off ‘The Dragonfly Pursuit’ have been widely embraced by triple j, triple j Unearthed and Australian community radio. In the blogosphere, their tracks have been supported by the likes of Kill Your StereoThe AU ReviewHEAVY Mag and Australian Music Scene. The band has also just announced they will be performing this year at BIGSOUND.

‘The Dragonfly Pursuit’ is available worldwide now