Heart Of A Coward Release new single ‘Devour me’

British heavyweights Heart Of A Coward have recently announced their brand new album called, This Place Only Brings Death, set for September 22 via Arising Empire@
From today on pre-orders for This Place Only Brings Death will be available as CDlimited coloured vinyl, together with unique merch options at the Arising Empire Store, band’s shop and many other online retailers!To herald this official start for their upcoming album, Heart of A Coward present their brand new single ‘Devour me’!

Devour me is written about tearing into open wounds to try and find answers, but only ending up exactly where you were before. The familiar feeling of being torn apart, getting nowhere and then being discarded.” – Kaan Tasan(vocals)

Heart of a Coward’s newest album takes a bold, accessible turn, drawing heavily from metalcore influences as opposed to their previous leanings towards the progressive.
This switch creates an inviting atmosphere for listeners, bridging the gap between band and audience. The album ranges from mellifluous, soft tunes to visceral, hard-hitting tracks, each polished with striking details that add layers of depth and complexity. At its core, the album contemplates the inevitable theme of all comes to an end, a sobering reality explored through their masterful music. This unique blend of accessibility and thematic intensity presents a fresh take on the band’s signature style, marking a crucial milestone in their evolving musical journey.

Heart Of A Coward released their debut album, »Hope and Hindrance« in 2012, which received critical acclaim and helped establish the band’s sound and style. They have since released several other albums, including »Severance« (2013), »Deliverance« (2015), and »The Disconnect« (2019).

Throughout their career, Heart Of A Coward has toured extensively, performing at various festivals and sharing stages with other popular metal bands. Their music has gained a significant following, particularly in the UK metal scene, and they continue to be a prominent force in the genre.

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