Anders Odden from CADAVER talks ‘The Age Of The Offended’

Norwegian death metallers, CADAVER have just unleashed their sixth studio album, The Age Of The Offended, via Nuclear Blast Records. True to the band’s primitive roots and an audacious, ground-breaking, psychedelic horror show, the album is an angry, fucked up album for angry, fucked up times, defiantly created against the odds.

Led by Anders Odden who is also the bassist for Satyricon. features some technical brilliance with Dirk Verbeuren (Megadeth + Ex Soilwork) on Drums and Ronni Le Tekrø of TNT on guitar. The band is led by Anders Odden who is also the bassist for Satyricon.

The Everblack Podcast spoke to CADAVER frontman Anders Odden about their new album ‘The Age Of The Offended’, his views on the current state of the world, various musical projects over the years and more!

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Following up the grotesque rebirth of Edder & Bile was never going to be easy, but The Age Of The Offended confirms that Cadaver are on a roll and growing in strength and confidence. A wild and wicked barrage of hallucinatory brutality, it strikes a blow for originality, curiosity and defiance, in a world transfixed by the utterly mundane. Right now, as ever, nothing and no one else sounds remotely like them.

“When we grew up, we didn’t just listen to one kind of music, it was whatever was extreme,” Odden concludes. “Hardcore, death metal, black metal, grindcore, it didn’t matter. I think all these people who try to fit into a genre, they don’t understand that we never wanted to be part of any genre. That was our driving force – to do  our own fuc*ed up version of whatever suited our abilities, and if that was named black metal, death metal or grindcore, who the fu*k cares?”

The Age Of The Offended was recorded at Daufembach StudioVilla NecroStudio Tomb, and Studio StudioAdair Daufembach was responsible for producing, engineering, mixing, and mastering. Kjartan Hesthagen also assisted with the engineering working in tandem with the band and Adair. The band enlisted Fleshflies to create the artwork for The Age Of The Offended.

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