Fiddlehead Share New Single + Video Ahead of Aus Tour

Ahead of their upcoming debut Australian tour, and the release of their highly anticipated third album, ‘Death Is Nothing To Us’, post-hardcore heroes Fiddlehead have shared their latest single “Sleepyhead.”

Death Is Nothing To Us finds Fiddlehead completing the thematic trilogy that began with their previous two releases, resulting in a truly special album that feels like both a culmination of the band’s work so far, and one of the years most powerful and life-affirming rock records.

Sleepyhead” follows lead single “Sullenboy” (which garnered attention from Stereogum [Best Songs of The Week], Pitchfork, The FADER, BrooklynVegan, Uproxx, Revolver Magazine, and many more), and offers another exciting taste of the new album. The towering track is packed to the brim with the kind of combustible hardcore energy and ’90s alternative-influenced hooks that Fiddlehead excel at, highlighting vocalist Pat Flynn as he throws his voice from plaintive and melodic to the full-throated roar he’s known for.

Flynn discussed the new song, saying:
There’s no real great lyrical upside to this song. I wanted to write a song that could capture the stuck-ness that comes with deep depression. Ultimately, this is a song about tuning out and looking away from the brokenness in one’s life on earth in favor of quick comfort. It is kind of a conversation between two people or two minds. The so-called ‘Sleepyhead’ is a woeful person depressed by the way of the world who chooses to deal with the sadness of it all with excessive sleep. Somewhere in there, however, is a voice of reason that offers perspective – but, to no avail, as the two voices come together in resignation to the weight of the hold that a thick ‘bout of deep depression’ can lay on someone. I see the song as essential to the arc of the record, which ultimately turned out to be a climb out of such a sad state. So, perhaps that’s the upside?

Fiddlehead’s sophomore album, Between The Richness, drew praise from fans and critics alike and saw the band unexpectedly becoming one of the most vital groups in rock music today. Now on Death Is Nothing To Us, vocalist Pat Flynn delves deeper than ever into the nuances of loss and sadness, but his deeply vulnerable approach is exhilarating and often even joyous in its humanity. The album offers Fiddlehead’s most dynamic set of songs to date, with every track pushing further into the melodic and aggressive poles of their sound, all while Flynn tackles difficult existential themes with an open-heartedness that comes through in every word.

I don’t want people to romanticize grief and depression, myself included,” he explains. “But I wanted to write about the way loss can perpetuate this feeling of sadness in your life. I didn’t intend to make some kind of thematic trilogy but there is this connection to the first two records, and this album sort of rounds out some of the stages of grief that weren’t addressed previously–especially this feeling of stickiness that a depressive attitude can have.” The lyrics on Death Is Nothing To Us attempt to reject the allure of sorrow with a deftness and intensity that’s matched by Fiddlehead’s music, creating one of the most undeniably compelling albums you’ll here this year.

As soon as they release their new album, Fiddlehead will jump on a plane to Australia for their first ever shows on the continent! The band will play three exclusive dates. Melbourne is sold out but you can still grab tickets for Brisbane and Sydney if you’re quick!

Out August 18 via Run For Cover / Cooking Vinyl Australia



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