Tesseract Announce Australian Tour May 2024. New Album, War Of Being, Out Sept 15 via Kscope

Photo credit: Andy Ford

UK, progressive metal masters TesseracT will make their triumphant return to Australia in May 2024! Their devoted fans have endured a seemingly endless six-year wait for this momentous occasion!

Prepare for an unforgettable experience as TesseracT unleash their mind-bending live show across all five capital cities, leaving both loyal followers and newcomers awestruck.

Since the band’s last visit, their Aussie fan base has increased immensely and this tour sees them playing their biggest rooms yet!

Their fifth studio album, War Of Being, will be released on September 15 via Kscope and showcases perfectly why they remain pioneering leaders of the ever-evolving metal scene.

Drawing upon their previous albums’ strengths, “War Of Being” seamlessly combines the aggressive intensity of their debut masterpiece, “One,” the intricate song structures of “Altered State,” the songwriting prowess of “Polaris,” and the mind-boggling technicality of “Sonder.” The result is destined to be whispered about in hallowed progressive circles for years to come. It sets an impossibly high benchmark that few will ever surpass.

A concept album with AI generated cover art, War Of Being tells the gripping tale of ex and el, two souls stranded in The Strangeland after a catastrophic shipwreck. Here, they encounter a mysterious entity known as Fear, sparking a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. As you embark on your own individual journey through the album, prepare to unlock the deepest recesses of your own being.

TesseracT stand firmly at the vanguard of the progressive movement that they themselves help shape. Their signature polyrhythmic grooves continue to push boundaries that seem impossible to cross and they do so with the ultimate finesse and class.

Sitting outside the limits of any genre specificity, TesseracT are an unstoppable force of off-kilter riffs, soaring melodies, bending grooves and disorientating atmospherics.

Prepare for a night of unparalleled sonic wizardry as TesseracT take you on an aural journey like no other. An event of sensory overload that you simply must surrender to and experience.

Thursday, May 2: Princess Theatre, Brisbane Lic AA
Friday, May 3:  Metro Theatre, Sydney Lic AA
Saturday, May 4: Croxton Bandroom, Melbourne 18+
Tuesday, May 7: Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide Lic AA
Thursday, May 9: Magnet House, Perth 18+

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General Public Tickets On Sale: Thursday, July 20 @  9.00am local time

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Five years since the release of Sonder, TesseracT return with their new album ‘War Of Being’. The Dream has crash landed and ‘ex and ‘el’ awaken to find themselves in ‘The Strangeland’, facing a foe known simply as ‘Fear’ the two are separated and so begins the journey of ‘War Of Being’…

The album opens with the reverie shattering ‘Natural Disaster’, followed by the pendulum swing of ‘Legion’. That slingshots us into the herculean title track – the album’s 11 minute centrepiece that undulates with precision and power. When coupled with the beguiling melodies of ‘The Grey’, or the unshielded honesty of ‘Burden’, the band deliver their most impassioned release to date – an album to excite and inspire. Acle Kahney, Daniel Tompkins, Amos WilliamsJay Postones, and James Monteith truly have crafted a phenomenal set of immersive, absorbing sounds.


esseracT bassist Amos Williams states:
“War Of Being has been all encompassing for us since late 2019.  After I returned home  from filming P O R T A L S I found myself in such a deeply introspective headspace. The scale of work and reward from that project kind of set this up to be inevitable. We simply had to try and see how far we could take a concept album with TesseracT.  Within these songs the band has given life to the themes and ideas that are personified within the characters of The Strangeland story. It’s certainly been a catharsis and a way for me to explore the internal dissonance.”

‘War Of Being’, the first single to be released from the album of the same name, is an eleven-minute visual extravaganza and provides the perfect prologue for the album’s aurally and visually immersive story. Written and Directed by Found Format Films with additional filming by Richard Oakes / Dark Fable Media (Sleep Token) – the feature length video proves that TesseracT remain not only pioneers but innovators in a movement of their own making. Be sure to wait until the very end of the clip for the next piece of the puzzle to be revealed…

Regarding the track, Daniel Tompkins, the band’s vocalist, had the following to say:
“War Of Being is a fight for acceptance, a battle of existence and a resistance against ego. It’s a struggle for control as we cut through the white noise of reality. It’s the need to know and identify with oneself, to accept and understand what we stand for and who we are. There is an urgent need to ‘Tear the mask away’ and reveal your true self.”

Leaders not followers, TesseracT exist in a sphere of their own with ambition positively written into the band’s DNA and ‘War Of Being’ is no different.

‘War Of Being’ was recorded at Middle Farm Studios in the United Kingdom with Peter Miles (Architects/Sylosis/Dodie) co-producing with the band alongside Katherine Marsh of Choir Noir (Bring Me The Horizon / Architects / Marillion). Assisting with additional programming and production, the band were joined by Randy Slaugh (PeripheryArchitects, Devin Townsend). With additional engineering by Forrester Savell (Karnivool). The artwork, which features characters ‘ex’ and ‘el’ was created in collaboration between AI and human as a means to extend the concept into its presentation.

The album will be available in a variety of formats that include the following:

Deluxe version
“The Strangeland” – a limited edition collector’s 3 Disc, 68 page Hardback Book Edition containing the War Of Being audio CD / a DVD / a Blu-Ray  that features ‘The Journey of Being’ 40 minute documentary on the making of ‘War Of Being’, ‘The Strangeland’ an in-depth view of the characters of ‘War Of Being’, the 11 minute feature length video and album in 5.1 Surround – strictly limited to 1,500 copies worldwide.

*CD Digipack with 24-page booklet
*Digital (+ in Dolby Atmos)
*Gatefold 2LP ‘Fear’ – Red and Black Marble (TesseracT US/AUS Store exclusive limited to 1000)
*Gatefold 2LP – Black Vinyl
*Blu-Ray (5.1 Surround / ‘War Of Being’ 11 minute feature length video / ‘The Strangeland’ and ‘The Journey of Being’)

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