Canadian kings of technical death metal CRYPTOPSY have announced their return with, As Gomorrah Burns, their first full-length album in over a decade due out September 8th from Nuclear Blast Records. The groundbreaking, extreme metal foursome emerge renewed and as vital as ever on their massively anticipated album, which continues their trailblazing path of sonic exploration and exceptionally complex songwriting, for one of their most tumultuous albums yet.

Commenting on the impending record, vocalist Matt McGachy says:
“I’m excited to finally unveil ‘As Gomorrah Burns.’ It’s an album that we have been crafting for the past five years. A meticulous endeavour that we are proud of. It’s the perfect medley of oldschool Cryptopsy with a few modern twists. We’ve leaned heavily into the grooves and let some of the riffs breathe just a little more than we have on the past few releases.  I’m really stoked about the new era of Cryptopsy”

Today, CRYPTOPSY has unchained the record’s first single, ‘In Abeyance,’ and accompanying video for which was directed by Chris Kells (THE AGONISTBENEATH THE MASSACRE).

McGachy adds about the new single:
“‘In Abeyance’ is conceptually about feeling isolated while being emerged in a new environment. The hunt for a sense of belonging while mourning a previous life. Musically, it’s a slap in the face. It’s a banger that appears to be straightforward yet remains ultra complex.”

Pre-order As Gomorrah Burns and stream ‘In Abeyance‘:

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