Polyphia + The Omnific – The Tivoli Brisbane [Live Review]

Review: Nev Pearce
Photography: Dan Maynard

It’s no secret that Texas-based instrumental progressive rock virtuoso Polyphia has been taking the world by storm in recent years.
While they have been around for over a decade and carved out their own hardcore following with 650M+ global streams and 150M+ YouTube views across their catalogue.  Since the release of their latest album ‘Remember That You Will Die’, their popularity has been elevated to insane levels and has become one of the most in-demand live acts around.

Tonight, is the kick-off of their first headline run down under, the last time we saw them was back in 2018 with Intervals at a smaller venue down the road, this evening though The Tivoli is absolutely crawling with fans.

Opening the show is Progressive Instrumental Trio from Melbourne The Omnific, whose dual bass and drummer attack offers a unique live experience and sets the tone for the gig ahead.

With sweeping orchestral synths over sampled guitar tracks alongside their technical prowess, The Omnific’s musicianship gets more impressive as their set rolls on and it’s evident that they have carefully crafted it that way, letting the journey their sound takes you on unfold before your very eyes and ears.
The sheer precision of their performance was astounding and like a soundtrack to a movie that hasn’t been made yet, I’m definitely keen to see what these guys come up with next and will be seeing them again next time they roll through QLD.

By the time Polyphia hit the stage the venue is insanely packed with fans eagerly awaiting their heroes.
Now I’ve been to a few shows of late and seen some incredible fan reactions, but this was next level even before they played a single note, the screams were deafening and I’d left my earplugs in the car, rookie error!

After the first song ‘Genesis’, guitarist Scott LePage demanded the crowd deliver the band 10 crowd surfs otherwise they would not play another song, ever again! Though the demand was delivered with joviality, he was serious and proceeded to count down said ‘surfs’ before beginning the next song which by that time was pure pandemonium.

Seeing these guys play is mind-blowing, note for note they weave between each guitar string with so much speed and accuracy that they make it look easy, but I had been assured by my copilot and master guitarist in his own right tonight that the material is extremely difficult to play even for seasoned veterans of the instrument.

Sometimes these instrumental shows can be a little self-indulgent with very little crowd interaction without a vocalist to address the fans, but Polyphia have obviously taken note of this cliche and made it their mission to turn a performance into a party, with one of the most memorable moments being the call and response sing the riff during ‘Champagne’.

Experiencing “The Audacity” live was something to behold and a demonstration of the sheer talent and creativity of Polyphia.
The amount of dropped jaws in view during the mid-section of this ‘timesignatureathon’ was proof of how flawlessly executed and seemingly synchronised this band is.

After one of the most hectic pit moments, I’ve ever witnessed during ‘Play God’, the boys wrap up with a triple threat encore of G.O.A.T, Euphoria and a surprising cover of CKY’s 99 Quite Bitter Things which gives the fans one last chance to go bat shit crazy before spilling out into the night.

Infusing contemporary Jazz timing, Flamenco stylistics, hip hop, slam riffs and a collective unadulterated fun and a positive metal attitude like no other, Polyphia put on an absolutely floorless show and by the time they make their way back here again you can guarantee they will need another venue upgrade.

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