Serpentum Release New Single “As Gommorah Burns”

Australian Black Metal band Serpentum are due to release their new video single “As Gommorah Burns” on Monday 19th June 2023.

Taking a refreshing, artistic approach to music videos, Serpentum are shying away from the current clinical Youtube trends such as visualisers, and creating a more raw, traditional experience in the style of some of the earlier great pioneers of black metal with both the single and video produced in house by the band themselves.


Formed in 2017, the band released two demos as a solo project before becoming a full line up of four permanent members in 2021.
Drip feeding a small handful of singles in anticipation of their debut full length album “Aeternum Interitus” (which translates to eternal decay), set for release later this year and featuring their latest single “As Gommorah Burns”.
Their next show, or “live ritual” as they call it, will be September 2nd at Helvegenfest in Brisbane.

Tickets are available from Serpentum, Oztix, or any of the other bands on the bill.