This October, Numetal Mayhem is delivering to Australasia two of the most iconic men from two of the biggest Nu Metal bands ever.

Waylon Reavis is returning to Australia after a 9-year hiatus when he stunned stadiums as the frontman for Mushroomhead at Soundwave 2014. To this day, Reavis is widely acknowledged as being the standout vocalist for the iconic masked group and his ongoing success with A Killers’ Confession is a testament to that ability.

Reavis will be playing all your favorite Mushroomhead tracks including “I’ll Be Here, Simple Survival, 1200, Our Apologies, Save Us and QWERTY”. Mushroomhead has never toured New Zealand and has made no indication that they will be traveling to Australia anytime soon. If you want to hear these classic Mushroomhead tracks this will probably be the only time you will get to.

Waylon will be rounding out the set by performing the major hits from A Killers Confession and is heavily hinting that he will be playing his infamous “Roots Bloody Roots” cover.

Australia is at the top of my list of places I have toured. The people, the atmosphere and the weather are mind-blowing. I am also honored to finally get down to meet all my New Zealand fans. Its just going to be amazing“. – Waylon Reavis.

Waylon will be joined on stage by Lee Hutt, drummer of A Killers Confession; Slugg of Kaosis fame on guitar, and the seasoned pro bassist, James Lavel.

Anders Colsefni, Paul Grey, Clown, and Joey Jordison first performed under the name Slipknot in April 1996 at the Safari Club in Des Moines. Not long after Mick Thompson and Craig Jones joined the band and the trajectory of modern metal was changed forever.

Slipknot erupted on the local metal scene and by October 1996 they released their debut record “Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat”. This record became the foundation of what is now Slipknot’s twenty-five-year legacy.

Anders will deliver the entire “Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat” record from start to finish. This is the first time this record has been heard live in twenty-seven years and it may be the only time it will ever get played live again… And it’s happening in Australia and New Zealand.

Ever since Xen (Kaosis Singer) called me and let me know we were on for the tour, I have been training every day, not just vocals but kickboxing and cardio. I am fit, strong, and ready to tear Australasia apart! I am psyched to pull this record out of the crypt and deliver it again… probably for the last time ever“. – Anders Colsefni

Anders has compiled a heavy-as-hell backing band he has dubbed “The Feeders”.


Kaosis was founded by vocalist and producer, Xen, in 2018. His vision was to create a uniquely visceral live experience by combining the energy of electronic music with the aggression of metal.

Hailing from the dark underbelly of the electronic and metal subcultures in the deep south pacific, Kaosis has risen to be widely recognized as one of Australasia’s most industrious and exciting new acts. Kaosis ‘ live show is unparalleled and on stage, the act becomes a frenzy of distortion, bass, lasers, and fire worship.

The 8-piece band has toured NZ, Australia, and Japan multiple times and has played major festivals including Rhythm n Vines, Dead of Winter, Overload, Distortion, Carnage, and Kaiju Fests.

Kaosis have signed to Nuclear Blast imprint Blood Blast Records to release their sophomore album “We are the Future” rolling out from August onward.

Kaosis destroy Archetypes. Kaosis are the Future.

Tour Dates:

11th Sydney Crowbar

12th Adelaide Enigma

13th Melbourne Bendigo Hotel

14th Brisbane Mansfield Tavern

15th Goldcoast Mo’s Desert Clubhouse

16th Toowoomba Irish Club Hotel

18th Auckland Neck of the Woods

19th Taranki 8 Ball Pool and Darts

20th Wellington Valhalla

21st Christchurch The Embankment

22nd Queenstown Yonder

23rd Dunedin Dive


Tickets are on sale now.

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