Heists Unleash New Metalcore Single “Left To Loathe” with Horror-Themed Music Video

Sydney-based Metalcore Band, Heists, will release their latest single, “Left To Loathe,” on June 9th. The track comes paired with a horror-inspired music video directed by the band’s singer and guitarist, Chris Zagas, and Guy Vears, furthering the extent of their DIY ethos. The duo is renowned for their work as Neck Up Media, having created videos for The Beautiful MonumentTo The Grave and Honest Crooks.

Left To Loathe” promises to be a powerful and intense track, showing an evolution in production and vocal performance, while staying true to the band’s signature blend of heavy breakdowns and melodic choruses, that fans have come to admire them for. The video for the track features a cinematic horror narrative and contextual performance shots of the band, all made entirely in Unreal Engine.


Since their debut in 2017, Heists have been making waves in the music industry. With each release, they have matured and honed their craft, earning critical acclaim and a devoted following. Their EP and Album have showcased their musical prowess and earned them a spot on the Cover of the coveted Homegrown & Heavy playlist on Spotify.

Heists have also had the opportunity to tour and perform alongside renowned acts such as Evergreen TerraceWhile She SleepsThe Plot in YouLoatheTerror, Comeback Kid, Ocean SleeperDregg, and many more. The latest release, “Left To Loathe” is a testament to their continued growth and success and with this impressive track record, Heists are poised to become a major player in the music industry.

“Left to Loathe is our most daring project to date and I think stands as true a testament to our DIY spirit. Every aspect of the project was crafted by us, from the music to the video and artwork, and we’re proud to have created something unique that showcases our creativity and dedication,” shares bassist Sean Nevin.