THROWN Release new single ‘Guilt’

Swedish heavy weight thrown, with vocalist Marcus Lundqvist and drummer/producer Buster Odeholm(VildhjartaHumanity’s Last Breath), have released their blistering new track ‘guilt‘ via Arising Empire, that will cause an eruption to every moshpit starting with the very first second. Presenting lyrics filled with anger and self-hatred, the 4-piece effectively blends intense and crushing guitars with catchy yet aggressive vocal rhythms.

With only their debut EP »EXTENDED PAIN«, five songs already got streamed over 15 million times and been at the Top 200 Global Metal Chart at Spotify for almost a year – no other band achieved yet. From zero to over600.000 listeners with their explosive tracks, thrown took the stage by storm touring with Counterparts Knocked Loose. Now they will embark on their next big EU/UK run with Fit For A KingEmmure The Gloom In The Corner!

This band refuses to hold back, leaving audiences breathless and begging for more. Get ready to be thrown into a world of pure hate!

The EXTENDED PAIN EP is out now

Vocalist Marcus Lundqvist is joined by Johan Liljeblad and Andreas Malm on guitars, and drummer Buster Odeholm (Vildhjarta/Humanity’s Last Breath) as thrown aim to spread their message of self-loathing through their mix of gut-punching metalcore and anger-inciting hardcore.