He Is Legend, Hammers and The Final Fall – Mo’s Desert Clubhouse Gold Coast [Live Review}

Review: Nev Pearce
Photography: Dan Maynard

It’s been a while between drinks since He Is Legend graced our shores, the last time we saw the North Carolina rockers was for the Soundwave Festival tour way back in 2015, Since then the band have released four incredible records leaving fans eagerly anticipating their return.
Last year, He is Legend unleashed what could be considered their heaviest album yet, “Endless Hallway,” which received rave reviews from both critics and fans. once again raising their loyal Aussie follower’s hopes high they would make the trek back down under.

Enter Northern Rivers heavy rock lords Hammers, who being massive fans of He Is Legend themselves have teamed up with Beats Cartel to finally make it happen!

The tour’s launch show is being held at our very own local venue, Mo’s Desert Clubhouse, which provides the perfect setting and vibe for a band like He Is Legend. If someone had told me that one of my all-time favourite bands would be playing in my hometown on the very same stage I’ve stood on countless times, I wouldn’t have believed it. mind-blowing stuff!

Opening the night is the local punk band The Final Fall, combining the energy of old-school punk with a dash of metal shred, the band kick off the festivities with pure venom and fury.
Even for an opening slot, the boys have the room packed out and throw down some catchy tunes to warm up the crowd on a school night.

By the time Hammers hit the stage the place is well and truly choc full of punters.
As the Northern Rivers lads hit the stage, guitarist Lucas Stone rips into a face-melting solo before the band kick in with ‘Palm Readings with Sin’ and we are off to the races!

Having seen Hammers multiple times over the years and even shared the stage with them on several occasions, they are always phenomenal live and put on an incredible show. However, tonight’s performance is next level. Maybe it’s the challenge of opening for one of their favourite bands, or perhaps the electric vibe in the room, but holy hell, these guys have poured their heart and soul into this performance and it’s incredibly infectious.

Hammers have undeniably mastered the art of delivering a flawless live sound that impeccably captures the essence of their genre. With the seamless fusion of Lucas’s butter-like guitar tone, Rick’s powerful as fuck bass sound, Ruckus’s thunderous grooves along with the commanding power and impressive vocal range of frontman, Leigh ‘Fish’ Dowling, the result is a pure sonic storm in a teacup and it’s impressive to see the boys deliver the goods.

With no grand intro or fanfare, He Is Legend don’t fuck around and get straight down to business. Opening with the title track and then follow up ‘Burn All Your Rock Records’ from their 2019 album White Bat, the band hit hard straight out of the gate and give the fans exactly what they have waited so long for.

We are then transported back in time with favourites The Seduction, The Widow of Magnolia and Everyone I Know Has Fangs which ramps up the crowd even more and sends the pit into a frenzy and scratches the itch for quite a few long-time followers including myself.

Not only are the band’s live performances incredibly tight, but they’re also an absolute blast to witness as they deliver some of the heaviest riffs known to man, thanks to the distinct playing styles of guitarist Adam Tanbouz and bassist Matty Williams, who are backed up by touring guitarist Zachary Nobles and hard-hitting drummer Jesse Shelley. It’s in the live setting where the band’s songs truly come to life, sounding absolutely massive and leaving an unforgettable impact on the venue.

Vocalist Schuylar Croom possesses a stage presence, charisma, and swagger that can only be likened to a fusion of Scott Weiland and Jim Morrison, blended with a southern rock attitude and hardcore punk aggression. Croom undeniably stands as one of the finest frontmen of our generation, delivering not only a vocally commanding performance but also an unparalleled level of energy that electrifies the crowd.

Closing out their set with The Prowler from their latest album Endless Hallway, emotionally driven That’s Nasty, a surprising cover of The Smashing Pumpkins Zero and the classic I Am Hollywood, He Is Legend most definitely made up for lost time and delivered a set that was diverse enough to satisfy fans of every record and possibly a few new ones there to see what the fuss was about.

Let’s not leave it too long before we do this all again lads, the more we see of He Is Legend down under the better!

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