Wu-Tang Clan and Nas – Brisbane Entertainment Centre [Review]

Review and Gallery: JD Garrahy

The air above the Brisbane Entertainment Centre is thick with 420 tonight and spirits are elevated, for tonight we worship at the church of the Wu-Tang Clan.

Lights go down and the crowd goes wild. We are about to witness, quite possibly the greatest hip-hop ensemble to ever walk upon the earth. As RZA takes the stage, all hands shoot in the air to make the Wu-Tang symbol. This is a crowd that knows the drill and is soaking in every moment they get to experience.

With such an extensive back catalogue, how do you cover such a massive career while still giving the fans what they want? Well, have no fear, the Wu-Tang Clan knows their craft so well that they could play any of their tracks and their fans wouldn’t be disappointed. Blasting through tracks spanning 3 decades the crowd gets everything they could ever want.

Wu-Tang takes a break from the stage, but we get legendary rapper Nas for a full set. Now, if you’re unfamiliar with his body of work, then what rock have you been living under? This guy is one of the greats. With tracks ’27 Summers’, ‘Hotboys’ and ‘The World Is Yours’ peppering his setlist, Nas proves why he has had such a long and successful career.

Wu-Tang takes the stage once more and the second half of their show reads like a greatest hits. ‘Come Together’, ‘4th Chamber’, ‘Gravel Pit’ ‘Reunited’, this is truly a set of epic proportions. With a foray into ‘Dirty I Got Your Money’ to pay respects to the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard, it feels too soon to have the set finish with ‘Triumph’. Even with the notable absence of Method Man, the Wu-Tang Clan still fed the audience everything they had and it was without comparison. These guys are the best in the game, accept no substitutes.

There’s always gotta be an encore, and tonight we get all members on stage and Nas joins as well for an amazing finale of ‘One Mic’. Delivering some of the best lyrics in rap history, RZA departs the stage but not before showering the front row faithful in Moët. This has been one of the best shows that the BEC has ever seen and it’s going to be a damn hard one to top.

Tonight, we got it all, break-neck beats, lyric spitting skills and soul moving grooves. If there’s one thing for certain, Wu-Tang Clan AIN’T nuthin’ ta fuck with!

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