The Amity Affliction – “Not Without My Ghosts” [Album Review]

The Amity Affliction have made a powerful comeback with their latest album “Not Without My Ghosts”. The boys from Gympie have constantly delivered high quality music since their debut album “Severed Ties” back in 2008 and “Not Without My Ghosts” shows they still have a lot of versatility showcasing both their throwback melodics and heavy sound that they are known for. The Australian metalcore band has always been known for their deeply personal lyrics and this album is no exception with lyrics firmly focused on varying versions of grief while still in line with the bands signature style.

“Not Without My Ghosts” hits a high straight out of the gate with the opening track “Show Me Your God”.  An instant song of scream filled ferociousness, explosive vocals and some mean guitar work. With only short clean vocals by Ahren Stringer this song packs a punch with mostly Joel Birch showing us he still has it. “It’s Hell Down Here” follows, with more aggressive riffing and heavy screaming.

“Not Without My Ghosts” features collaborations with special guests including Andrew Neufeld from Comeback Kid on “Death And The Setting Sun and Landon Tewers from The Plot In You on “When it Rains It Pours”. “I See Dead People” pays tribute to the late Louie Knuxx . The Kiwi rapper passed away in 2021 of a heart attack and was a close friend of the band, making “I See Dead People” an eerily fitting expression of grief for a fallen brother.

The album also includes a refreshing change of pace with “God Voice” features a soaring, melodic chorus, which feels like a breath of fresh air on this very heavy record. The final 2 songs on the album give you more of a relaxing feeling to finish off what has been one hell of a ride.

Last but not least the final track on this brutal record the album’s title track “Not Without My Ghosts”, featuring Phem, closes out the album and offers a much-needed softer track. Here, Stringer flexes his vocal abilities, as he sings with heavy reverb against angelic synths and soft keys. This is no doubt one of the strongest and most unique songs on the album bringing this well constructed and tasteful album to a close.

While some fans who prefer the band’s more melodic tracks may feel let down by the heavy screaming on most of the album, true fans will appreciate the band’s evolution and well-mastered tracks. Overall, “Not Without My Ghosts” is a tasteful and well-constructed album that demonstrates the band’s musical prowess and leaves fans excited for what’s to come from this ever-blossoming band.

The Amity Affliction – “Not Without My Ghosts” is out May12. 

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Thu 19 Oct – Fortitude Music Hall – Brisbane, QLD

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