Coldrain, Lagerstein, Illusionary – The Brightside Brisbane [Live Review]

Review and gallery: JD Garrahy

The day after a public holiday. Hard to get back into the swing of things, am I right? Well, I have just the solution for you. Drag your arse outta the house and fill your soul with live music, you’ll thank me later.

Tonight, we head to The Brightside to indulge in the brilliance that is the Japanese melodic metal powerhouse of Coldrain. 8 long years we’ve waited for them to grace our shores, and they did NOT disappoint.

Leading off tonight are heavy hitters Illusionary. Far fucking out! Straight out the gate, this band is brutal. When you’re still lagging from the previous day off, this band is sure to figuratively punch you in the face to stand to attention. Outstanding!

Lagerstein. Well, this was my first foray into the pirate metal realm and goddamn these lads get the crowd moving and in good spirits. Beer bongs aplenty, shoeys, beer, beer, more beer and rockin tunes. It has a unique way to make you want to take up a pint or a bottle of whiskey, grab the closest person to you and make it a night you won’t remember. With music as infectious as their spirits, the Lagerstein boys take their time to sail through their back catalog and show the Brisbane crowd exactly what pirate metal is all about. Closing out their set with a cover of Men At Work’s Down Under the fellas get a quick snap or two with the crowd and then prepare themselves for the headline act. Bravo boys, that was brilliant. 

Well, this is what we came for. 8 long years between shows and straight out the gate, we know it’s going to be a hefty set. Blasting straight into CALLING from their 2022 album Nonnegative, the crowd goes wild. Without hesitation they follow it up with Cut Me and damn, if you don’t just feel a tingle down your spine on that chorus. Getting a treat with a solo headline show while they’re out here supporting The Used and Papa Roach, it makes this show feel all the more special. 

Progressing through the setlist, we’re treated to Rabbit Hole, MAYDAY, ENVY and F.T.T.T, before we’re hit directly with THE SIDE EFFECTS, the title track of their 2019 monstrous album. Now THIS is a sing along that i’ve never experienced before. Damn, I just want more. Well, it doesn’t take long as when the familiar opening of The Revelation kicks in, we know we have to scream at the top of our lungs to the chorus to show Masato that we can accompany in his already flawless vocal stylings.

As the band takes a breather, Masato converses with the crowd about how they intend to come back to Australia a lot sooner than 8 years, and to bring some of their home-grown talent with them. Extending the invite to come see them in their home country, the crowd applauds and the smiles from ear to ear on all 5 band members gives the indication that they know they’re loved down here. Heading into the last of the set, we get a fantastic duo of Before I Go and REVOLUTION, before closing out the main setlist with PARADISE (Kill The Silence) and showing that as a band, the energy that they bring to their songs is not only epic on recording, but absolutely phenomenal in a live setting. 

With the chants of “One more song!” ringing through the venue, the Nagoya locals jump back on stage and state, “How about two more songs?”, garnering thunderous applause. With a slowed down cover of Alanis Morissette’s Uninvited, Masato truly shows his amazing vocal range. Rounding out the encore with GONE, the atmosphere is electric. Like a unified gathering, we all sing along and stare in awe at the musicianship of such amazing artists. They truly have left a great mark on the Brisbane fanbase.

As promised, I for one can’t wait for the show they bring when they return to our shores. Arigato Gozaimasu Coldrain, hopefully i’ll get to see you in your homeland before you return to mine.

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