BLEEDING THROUGH Release Blistering New Single ‘War Time’

BLEEDING THROUGH, the pioneering metalcore band from Orange County, California, are back with a brand new song titled ‘War Time’ out via SHARPTONE RECORDS. The release comes after a long wait from fans who have been eagerly anticipating new music from the band.

War Time’ visualizer and audio stream:

According to vocalist Brandan Schieppati,

War Time is a statement about Bleeding Through’s career. All the lies and betrayal from people who were supposed to have our backs. It is about the greed and arrogance that is displayed in the music industry and world in general. War Time is about this band forming an even stronger bond with each other and taking on this negative world together.”

“War Time” is a hard-hitting track that speaks to the band’s experiences in the music industry and their struggles with betrayal and greed. The song is a powerful statement about the band’s career and their unwavering determination to overcome any obstacle.

With its ferocious guitar riffs, pounding drums, and intense vocals, ‘War Time’ is a powerful reminder of why Bleeding Through has remained one of the most influential bands in the metalcore scene for over two decades.

Stream ‘War Time’ now here:

About Bleeding Through

With five Top 50 US charting records, 100 million catalog streams, over 400k physical album sales, and tours with Slipknot, Motionless In White, Lamb of God, and Unearth under their belts, there’s no arguing with BLEEDING THROUGH’s methods and widespread appeal.

Formed in 1999, Bleeding Through is a metalcore band from Orange County, California. Known for their intense live shows and powerful lyrics, the band has released eight studio albums and has been a major influence on the metalcore scene for over two decades.