Chad Ruhlig from For the Fallen Dreams talks self-titled album, touring and Parkway Drive

For The Fallen Dreams have forged a career marked by relentless growth and unwavering commitment to perfecting their signature blend of intense, fervent metal. Despite facing significant challenges, they have exhibited an impressive capacity to adjust and innovate their music and style, while preserving the essential elements of their sound.

With a foundation built on powerful breakdowns, gripping rhythms, and lyrics exploring themes ranging from introspection to brotherhood, this group of metal virtuosos hailing from the American Midwest have become a fixture in the global heavy music scene.

For The Fallen Dreams have recently released their brand new self-titled album and have been on the road in the USA in support of it

The Everblack Podcast spoke to Chad Ruhlig from For the Fallen Dreams about the success of latest self titled album, the lyrical concepts behind it, recent tour with Gideon and the difficulties they faced on the road, sharing the stage with our own Parkway Drive back in the day, future plans and more!

Watch/listen to the interview here:

Although For The Fallen Dreams was established in 2003, their significant story began with the launch of their album “Changes” in 2008. This album had an irreversible and unremarkable impact on the heavy music scene. After the release of “Changes,” For The Fallen Dreams continued to release five more outstanding full-length records.

Their albums include the atmospheric and moody “Relentless,” the chart-topping comeback record “Heavy Hearts,” which ranked at #162 on the Billboard Top 200 and #3 on the Billboard Heatseekers lists, and “Six,” their debut into more metallic territory, which garnered over 20 million views on YouTube and tens of millions of streams on various streaming platforms. Despite undergoing significant changes, For The Fallen Dreams remains dedicated to constant growth while delivering primal yet emotional music that has made them a staple in modern metal.

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