ENVY OF NONE Announce New Ep ‘That Was Then, This Is Now’ Out June 9 via Kscope

Photo: Richard Sibbald
Returning after their breakout 2022 self-titled debut, Envy of None reveal their new EP, ‘That Was Then, This Is Now, out 9th June via Kscope.
The all-star line up of Alex Lifeson , Andy Curran, Maiah Wynne and Alf Annibalini, continue their exponential growth of their trippy, edgy atmospheric sound that took the world by surprise. The new EP is made up of very adventurous tracks that consist of remixes of ‘Dumb’ and ‘Dog’s Life’. Alongside ‘Lethe River’ and ‘You’ll Be Sorry’ only previously released on the deluxe edition of their debut record.
Following these, the EP culminates with a newly recorded track ‘That Was Then’. The song undulates with progressive dexterity and is a perfect example of the unbound writing ability this incredible band showcase.
All tracks were written, arranged, recorded and produced by Envy of None.
Andy Curran comments:
“Very happy to say that chapter 2 for Envy of None has officially started. We have a brand new song called “ That Was Then” which marks the first new track we’ve recorded since our debut album release almost a year ago.”
He continues:
The new EP has that song sandwiched between some really trippy remixes that we had some serious fun creating. We’re also looking forward to sharing all of these songs in 360 surround sound to take it one step further. Stay tuned for more cool news around the corner for EON…”
‘That Was Then, This Is Now’ remains in canon with the band’s sound of their eponymous debut whilst also pushing the boundaries and is a fantastic prologue to the next chapter of Envy of None’s story as the band have been in the studio creating new music and remixes.