Daniel Winter-Bates from BURY TOMORROW talks ‘The Seventh Sun’, vocal covers and Australian tour

British metal sextet, Bury Tomorrow, have recently released their stunning new album, ‘The Seventh Sun’, via via Sony Music/Music For Nations.

Featuring the recent singles Abandon UsBoltcutterHeretic and Begin Again, the follow to their critically acclaimed album ‘Cannibal‘ pulls no punches and ramps everything up tenfold.

It’s never too late to be what you might have been. Sometimes you just need a push to take the plunge. Few people would be greater advocates for this truth than Bury Tomorrow.

Faced two years ago, following a period of external and internal strife, with the very real reality that it might be time to pack up their successes and close the book on a storied career of 15 years, with their hands forced and backs to the wall Bury Tomorrow instead picked up fate’s gauntlet and set about writing the chapter they had always imagined.

The Seventh Sun stands as testament to the bonds and belief required to shape themselves a new reality, a new sound, and a new future.

The Everblack Podcast caught up with Daniel Winter-Bates from BURY TOMORROW about their new album ‘The Seventh Sun’, vocal covers, Australian tour and more!

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The conversations around our future were very real,” vocalist Dani Winter-Bates offers today. It was never meant to be this way, of course. Belatedly released during the uncertain first wave of the COVID pandemic in June 2020, sixth album Cannibal nonetheless marked a commercial and critical high point for the band, charting in the UK’s Top 10 and at number three in Germany and helping tip the band over the career-to-date 200 million stream landmark. Yet shorn of the ability to properly celebrate its release and accomplishments, let alone stand on stage to perform it, for guitarist Kristan Dawson the songs that comprised Cannibal “never really came to their fullest life”. For perpetual road dogs, now shackled at home Bury Tomorrow for the first time felt the frustrating directionless of limbo that affected so many artists the world over. Perhaps it was no surprise when, soon enough, conversations concluded that the band would be parting with founding guitarist/vocalist Jason Cameron in the summer of 2021.

And so with nowhere to hide from urgent questions about their future – “Do we walk away? Do we start something new? Do we continue on, however that may work?” as Winter-Bates assesses – necessity hit. Turns out that it is not only the mother of invention, but reinvention, too. “I feel like we all knew what Bury Tomorrow was, at least musically, but I also felt we had become quite set in our ways,” picks up Dawson. “We had long had the desire to push the boundaries and not write to what Bury Tomorrow had become. I think in that moment I felt like Bury Tomorrow could actually become what we always hoped the initial blueprint for this band would be. It was never about becoming a different band, but pushing the boundaries of what our band could be.”

“That was very freeing,” adds Winter-Bates. “Because if we were going to continue with Bury Tomorrow, we knew we were doing it by choice, not because of a feeling that we had to. We had to look internally at what Bury Tomorrow was. We knew that if it was to continue, we couldn’t simply replicate what the band had been. We had to reset with a different outlook, and a different sense of being.”

A different line-up, too. In Cameron’s sole place, enter both vocalist/keyboardist Tom Prendergast and guitarist Ed Hartwell: a division of labour that would allow a greater focus not only on maximising individual talents, but collectively expanding them, too. Both Winter-Bates and Dawson can speak no higher of their friends than they do, waxing lyrical not only over their technical prowess and dexterity, but of a fresh perspective, energy and freedom they helped instil in a previously well-oiled but highly structured metalcore songwriting machine.


Bury Tomorrow will also embark on their first headline run down under this October.

Bury Tomorrow – Australian Tour
Perth Fri 13 Oct Amplifier
Adelaide Sat 14 Oct Jive Bar
Melbourne Sun 15 Oct Stay Gold
Sydney Thu 19 Oct Crowbar
Newcastle Fri 20 Oct Newcastle Hotel
Brisbane Sat 21 Oct The Brightside