Chris Spencer from UNSANE talks Australian tour, CBGB’s and reissuing early material.

Forming in 1988, the trio created a relentless brand of Rock with their well versed influences of the Hardcore, Punk and Metal genres.

UNSANE quickly became a mainstay in New York noise & heavy music scenes. Originating from New York scumrock scene, while still pushing their unique “extreme” sound, UNSANE’s relentless, non-stop touring established them as an important part of the Lower East side New York City music scene of the late 80s and still to this present day.

The Everblack Podcast spoke to Chris Spencer from UNSANE about their upcoming Australian tour, new line up, playing the legendary CBGB’s, reissuing early material and more!

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The early days of UNSANE began in the late ’80s under the original incarnation of the band — Chris SpencerPete Shore (bass), and Charles Ondras (drums) — crawled larvally out of the practice space in 1989 and began playing New York’s seediest haunts. It was these graveyard slots at clubs like CBGB’s where the band developed and honed their trademark sound and delivered the goods with due intensity and volume. As a power trio, UNSANE relied upon a hammering, power-press rhythm section, a searing Telecaster howl, and distorted vocals that resembled a chainsaw cutting a steel beam.

In collaboration with Australia’s own Disdain Records, an extremely limited edition special colour vinyl version for each will be manufactured for Australia only and made available exclusively at these shows and via Disdain mail-order outlets only.


The Dates Of Australian Tour include:
21/9 THURS Bendigo Hotel, Melbourne
22/9 FRI Singing Bird Studios, Frankston
23/9 SAT Max Watts, Melbourne
24/9 SUN Haba, Rye
27/9 WED The Basement, Canberra
28/9 THURS La La Las, Wollongong
29/9 FRI The Lansdowne, Sydney
30/9 SAT The Zoo, Brisbane

Tickets and more information via Your Mate Booking.