NEW HARVEST FESTIVAL w/ Supersuckers, The Wrath, F1-Elevens & more – Vinnies Dive Bar Gold Coast 17.03.23


Review by: Jax Reid
Photography: Luke Petty

Not just another thick humid night in the comfort of air-con at Vinnies Dive Bar; Southport. It was a night full of crunchy and deliciously spicy distortion guitar, in a melody of zesty-bite from snapping snares and tantalizing cymbals tinging through the air. Energy busting through the hardwood floors as Supersuckers have come to Play that Rock n Roll; and what a tasty set it was.

Neon lights licked the edges of the peeling posters plastered on the black bricks lining the 2 stages for the night. Each stage ready for the bands to pour their liquid gold straight into our ears. The air fills with distinct overdrive punching out of guitar amps during sound check. The 2 stages both brought big vibes and big sound, filtering fans between each stage while allowing for a pit stop at the bar to cleanse their palate before emerging into the next set. Ready for the digestive treat of international and home grown plates of Rock n Roll.

First up, screaming onto the stage The Whiskeys poured their drinkable sound over the patrons as they flowed into the room. The 2 piece band hitting us in the back of the throat and clearing out the roughness of our daytime life, like a good whiskey does. Leaving a crisp Blues-Rock explosion in our mouths.

The night crashed on, blues, metal, country rock, and all the things you want from Vinnies Dive Bar; black band t-shirts, classic vans and ripped stockings. The crowd grew, sweat dripped, bands bared their soul food to us. From the chunky and spicy slap of the bass cooked up by The Fat Bastards, to the meaty crackling vocals of Goatzilla, and the last minute sneaky snack of Metal Marty and his smokey wood acoustic rock; fleshing out the taste buds of rock we have been lucky enough to sample.

But wait, there’s more! The Wrath haunted us with smoke billowing and swirling around them, featuring a sexy black double bass. With notes of deep chocolate tones reaching into our chests, stroking our insides while guitars shredded our souls. Next up our ears were blasted with local and sharp hitting band The F1-Elevens who graze this stage on a reg’, providing the guests with banter while fans hurled song requests at them, like hot dogs at a baseball game.

It’s time for the main course; slow cooked since 1988, country grown slab of heavy guitar and cardiac thumping kick drums. Head-noddingly good, makes you say “yum”; as the rhythm guitar swings through the chords like butter gliding over a hot plate. Playing some of their songs from their most recent album Play that Rock n Roll, released 2020, the crowd swiftly catches up to the tempo changes, moshing with pure indulgence. They lapped up the grungy vocals, sung along and threw their hands up sending their love straight back up on stage.

Supersuckers showed us what they have been cooking up and marinating in their creative juices, serving us classic Eddie Spaghetti.

And just in case you thought there wasn’t any room left, a tempting little after dinner mint sprung out to close the show. The Stripp is the only way to finish something off with such a meaty line up. The fans gulped her minty fresh vocals in; as the guitars pierced through the now steamy hot room, burning us with their cool as spice.

With a full belly of hot and spicy, char grilled, and well-aged chunk of Rock n Roll, I can most certainly say I’ll be sucking the bones dry until next time.